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   A Deal With Doctor Daniel
      (I don't want to loose you)

      💊💉 Episode 2💊💉

‘Okay baby I'm sorry'..He muttered minutes later as he sat near Kylie who was pretty much not even in the mood for his affection...

‘Just leave me alone please okay?? Just leave me alone I don't want any trouble Daniel, apparently I am no longer beautiful instead I'm this lumpy, dirty and fat pregnant baby mama you dumped at home'..She said blowing her nose with a tissue...

‘Fat?? You're not fat or even lumpy why would you think a thing like that??'.. Daniel exclaimed with both shock and annoyance..

‘i don't know just leave me alone Daniel'..She murmured angrily and to his own amazement brought out another bag of Cheetos to eat which made him chuckle .

‘You are one knuckle head Kylie,anyways I'm going to work I'll be back later,love you'..He kissed her cheeks and left...


‘You have to realize that he's in love with someone else Clarice!! The young man has moved on and now you're still obsessing over him?!'.. Clarice's mom cried out..

‘I am not obsessing over Daniel mom,I can't obsess over what is mine?? That bitch who calls herself Kylie took him away from me you hear me?!! He's mine!'..Clarice replied..

‘You are delusional Clarice!! He paid you the money back get a grip of your goddamn self!! You shouldn't be doing this!! You are beautiful and you've got a great life ahead of you so what's wrong with you?!!'..Her mother yelled but what she didn't know was that her daughter was clenching a knife already..

‘Mom I've heard enough please don't say anything else'..She warned but clearly her mother wasn't listening to the deadly warning...

‘Are you out of your mind?!! Clarice i—

Her voice trailed off as Clarice stopped the car abruptly and stabbed her mother right on the chest...



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