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   A Deal With Doctor Daniel
(Be my maid and my whore)
(Rated 🔞)

      💊💉 Episode 6💊💉

‘Wait you're joking right?? you're joking right??'..Daniel asked and when he didn't see the smile or a chuckle come out of Kylie's mouth he gasped heavily...

‘In case you didn't notice this is a private hospital Miss and we have standard procedures here! We make sure to save lives and your mother needs a kidney from the organ bank and now you're saying you don't have a dime or anything!! How can I get a new kidney if you don't even have f**king insurance?!'..He yelled...

‘Sir I...I uhh...

‘Now your mouth isn't so sharp as it was before isn't it?? What happened to the feisty little tiger I met earlier??'..

‘Look I'll pay the money!! Any amount just help my mother and I'll get the f**king money!'...Kylie bursted into tears and he rolled his eyes..


They were always so full of stupid drama...

‘Look sexy,it just doesn't work like that..i..I can't go to the organ bank and just say hey give me a kidney no!! It certainly doesn't work like that and I'm trying my best here to be professional really with you.Your mother has a damaged kidney and you're telling me you have no dime?? not even a thousand??'..He said..

She should've taken that Grand while she had the opportunity..

‘Look I'll find the money I'll work for it maybe clean the hospital and work as something I'll do anything just please help my mother I don't want her to die!'..She begged and then a mysteriously smirk appeared on Daniel's cheeks...

Did she just say anything??..

‘Okay I have a deal for you Kylie'..He replied and she finched a bit..

‘What is it sir??'..She asked..

‘Are you a virgin??'..He asked back and she gasped..

What was he up to?!.

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