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   A Deal With Doctor Daniel
(Be my maid and my whore)
(Rated 🔞)

      💊💉 Episode 5💊💉

‘We meet again'..Daniel muttered as he strode over to Kylie who was shocked to see him in a doctor's uniform..

The first time she got a glimpse of the idiot as she claims him to be she thought he was just a perverted playboy but now he's wearing a doctor's uniform...

‘Uhhh I don't...I don't understand what's going on here'..She finally said and the nurse frowned..

‘This is Doctor Daniel he's our lead surgeon and he'll be taking your mother's case'.

Lead Surgeon?!!..

This pervert and I'll mannered human is a doctor??!..

‘Come to my office Kylie since I now know your name,we have to talk about some very important things'..He said and she almost wanted to scoff but she wasn't about to disrespect the man who's hands can save her mother's life..

‘Well i—

‘There is no need to apologize to me beautiful'..He interrupted her and she frowned again..


She was about to tell him she doesn't have insurance and her bank account was NIL...

‘Look sir that's not what I'm trying to say,what I'm trying to say is that i want you to do whatever you can to save my mother cause she literally wasn't breathing few minutes ago and I'm counting on you please just help my mom and also i—

‘I am the best at my job pretty lady and first things first we need to get a match from the kidney back which costs a lot'..Daniel interrupted again and Kylie gulped hard..

She was surely doomed that's for sure..

‘Uhmm sir I don't uhh..

‘You don't what??'..Daniel asked..

‘I don't have a dime on me right now'..She replied and he bursted into laughter..

she was joking wasn't she??..

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