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   A Deal With Doctor Daniel
(Be my maid and my whore)
(Rated 🔞)

      💊💉 Episode 3 💊💉

‘Are you mad or out of your mind!!!'..Daniel yelled as he barged out of his car only for him to he hit with the ivory beauty....

‘I am not out my mind sir you are clearly out of your mind!!!'..Kylie fired back and he scoffed loudly even though he smacked his lips..

‘You uhhh you want a ride or something you clearly look like you're in distress'..He asked..

‘No thank you I'm not in need of a bolt driver'...She replied and he chuckled loudly much to the irritation of her..

‘I could be your bolt driver if you want sweetheart'..He said and walked closer but she scowled instead..

‘Back off jerk I'm not in the mood for this!!'..She yelled and then pushed him out of the way..


Hours later Kylie walked into her small sized apartment which was filled with the smell of pills and aspirin..

‘Hey Mom I got your drugs'..she said..

‘Ohhh Kylie you didn't have to??'..Mrs Crawdon replied in a hoarse voice looking all weak and tired and with a nose pipe..

‘You know I have to,well Jeremy was of no help although he wanted to give me a thousand dollars which clearly can buy your drugs alone and—

‘Ohhh Kylie you don't have to?? Why don't you understand that?? You shouldn't have to stress yourself because of old me?? it's Gods will that—

‘God?? We all know that God abandoned us a long time ago mom and I don't know why you still believe in him!! What kind of will makes one to suffer!!!'..Kylie interrupted her mother angrily...

‘Kylie if I die please don't—

‘You are not going to die mom!!! You are not going to die. '..

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