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   A Deal With Doctor Daniel
(Be my maid and my whore)
(Rated 🔞)

      💊💉 Episode 23 💊💉

Hours Later Daniel slumped on his chair and heaved a sigh of relief as he checked the time but it was still just 4am...

It was a close call to loosing Kylie's mother and he almost broke down for the first time in front of his other colleagues..

He was the best surgeon in the hospital and he couldn't let Kylie down especially??..

‘You done with your shift??'..Nurse Marie asked as she walked into the room and he let out a deep sigh..

‘Nah I've got one more round to go then I'll call it a day,anyways have you seen Clarice??'..He asked..

‘Clarice?? Ohh you didn't hear??'..Nurse Marie asked and his brow perked up..

‘No I didn't hear what's going on??'..

‘Clarice resigned,according to her she just couldn't work with the same man who broke her heart and I guess that person is you'..She replied and walked away leaving a shocked and confused Daniel..

Clarice quit because of him??..

He never imagined his actions would have such a toll on her??..


‘You're not doing it right'..Danielle said as she stomped her muddy feet on the ground where Kylie had just cleaned..

‘Hey how old are you again?? Five??'..Kylie asked angrily and the Danielle scoffed..

‘I'm ten'..

‘Well then since you're ten and I'm twenty four you should give me some freaking respect cause i won't hesitate to whoop your a*s okay??'..Kylie said.

‘I don't have to give you any respect,you're my brother's wh*re and I'm his sister and you're also his maid which means I'm better than you'..Danielle fired back and when Kylie couldn't take it anymore she gave the little girl a knock on the head..


‘Yes you little cinch! That'll teach you to have some respect,look I don't want any trouble from you okay?? So just behave yourself and if you scream I'll rip your eyeballs out!!'..She threatened and Danielle bursted into tears..

‘I'll tell my brother to—

‘Fire me?? He can't do that sweetums,now you better go get a mop and come clean this mess you made or else I'll tear your eyes out and that's a promise'...

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