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   A Deal With Doctor Daniel
(Be my maid and my whore)
(Rated 🔞)

      💊💉 Episode 22💊💉

‘Mom what are you doing here??'..He asked with a frown on his face and Mrs Janet smiled as she walked over...

‘Is this how you say hello to the woman who brought you into this world??'..She asked back and Daniel released a sigh...

‘How are you mom??'..

‘Ohhh I'm perfectly fine just that I...ewww so this is your house?? The decor is irritating'..She replied and Kylie from a distance gasped..

She was calling her boss's mini mansion irritating??..

Now she knew Doctor Daniel wasn't playing when he said he was from a rich family..

‘Anyways now that that's out of the question what are you really doing here mother??'.. Daniel signaled Kylie to go back upstairs with the corner of his eye...

‘Ohhh well I just came do tell you that Danielle would be staying with you for a while since your father and I would be flying to Monaco for a business meeting'..Mrs replied..

‘Monaco?? You guys don't even give the little girl attention and that's why she's always so rebellious,besides I don't have time I'm working full shift from tomorrow and there'll be no—

‘Ohh please she told me about the maid you're f**king Daniel,you think I don't know you?? I have birth to you sweetheart and besides no one wanted you to be a doctor in the first place'...She cut in and turned around...

That was the thing about his family..

They're related but they don't really relate to each other..

Everybody is like in their own worlds that there isn't any family time and it was clearly having a toll on Danielle who is clearly going out of control...

It was going to be a long month...


‘You have a full packed schedule tonight Doctor Daniel and you're going to work your a*s off'..Nurse Marie muttered as Daniel walked into his office and he sighed deeply...

‘Prep the first patient for surgery I want to go check on someone'..He said as he downed two blue pills...

Nurse Marie nodded and left and he walked into Kylie's mother's ward..

‘How are you doing ma'am??'..He asked but got no reply from her but her eyes were still open and she looked kind of unconscious...

‘Hey!! Hey Marie what's going on here??! She was perfectly fine two days ago!!'..He yelled and ordered another nurse to get the EKG machine ready...

Oh God Kylie's mother shouldn't die,he prayed silently as he took the two moulds and muttered..


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