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   A Deal With Doctor Daniel
(Be my maid and my whore)
(Rated 🔞)

      💊💉 Episode 21💊💉

‘Ohh pfft'..Daniel scoffed and when Kylie wanted to leave angrily he quickly turned her around and pinned her to the wall...

‘You know the last time between us was a bit rough but I can fix that'..He whispered as his hands went under her skirt and she gasped as he groped her buttocks...

‘Look at me Kylie'..He added as his lips went down on hers immediately and he kissed her with so much passion and skill that she felt her legs melting to the ground...

‘M..more...more'..The stupid moan escaped her lips as he propped her up on his vanity...

She didn't want to enjoy it..

She wasn't supposed to enjoy it!!...

He took her Virginity by force so he was her enemy..

She wasn't supposed to moan??..

But she just couldn't help herself as her hands wrapped itself around his neck and delved in deeper with the kiss..

‘Hmmm seems like my lessons are paying off'..Daniel whispered as his thumb skimmed Kylie's nipples and then when he couldn't take it anymore he quickly took off his shirt and unbuttoned her blouse...

He wanted her so badly and it was kind of scary to him cause he had never wanted another woman like that before..

Something was just terribly different and he could feel it..


‘Oh my God!!'..Kylie yelled out in ecstacy as Daniel replaced his fingers with his mouth savoring her pu**y like it was his last day on Earth...

‘P...P.. Please'..Her voice was hoarse but Daniel was a monster in bed..

When he would be finally done she would be limping for weeks,he thought as his tongue swiveled over and over her and she gripped the bedsheets...

He had a sexy maid and she would be there to warm his bed whenever he needed her to..

What was better than that??..

‘Daniel!!'..I loud roar from downstairs was heard and Daniel quickly stopped what he was doing...

Annoyed,he walked downstairs with a robe wrapped around his body only for him to sigh deeply as soon as he realized who it was..

His mother..

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