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   A Deal With Doctor Daniel
(Be my maid and my whore)
(Rated 🔞)

      💊💉 Episode 20💊💉

‘Well I...I...she is definitely my cousin she's just...You know what I seriously don't need to explain anything to you Clarice cause one I'll break it to you more than once!! You're not my girlfriend and two you're just a colleague and from surgeon to surgeon I must say you're annoying!!'..Daniel scoffed at the top of his voice and turned to walk away but then Clarice bursted into tears...

‘Please don't break my heart Daniel I love you'...

‘Hearts heal,and as you can see Kylie here is my maid and I don't want you causing anymore trouble,look here Clarice I like you...I..I really do like you but just as a friend and I guess I wasn't really in my right state of mind when I asked you to be my girlfriend'..He replied and then walked upstairs..

Kylie literally just stood there shocked about what she just saw and how cruel Daniel acted but who was she to speak??....

He was clearly a woman user..


‘You know you're pretty much a terrible person'..Kylie murmured as she mopped off the mess Daniel made on the floor..

I mean society portrays doctors to be perfect human beings but two days with Doctor Daniel has changed her perspective forever...

‘Excuse me did you just call me a jerk??'..He asked with a frown on his face as he began getting ready for work..

‘Yes I did call you a Jerk Mr Daniel,that lady did not deserve that and she's clearly in love with you'.. Kylie replied defiantly..

‘Well for one I never asked for your opinion and two your job is to be a wh*re and be my maid so shut up!!'..He snapped and she scoffed lightly..

‘I am not going to tolerate such words from you Doctor Daniel!! You might as well do whatever you want but I am not a wh*re!!'..She yelled..

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