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   A Deal With Doctor Daniel
(Be my maid and my whore)
(Rated 🔞)

      💊💉 Episode 19💊💉

‘A massage?? But I don't know how to give a massage'...Kylie whimpered as she set herself at the foot of Daniel's bed...

‘Just put your soft hands on my body and I'll be okay pretty girl,and Oh—Take off your clothes too'..He ordered and she shook off her clothes unwillingly..

‘If you're going to repeat what you did the other day sir then I have no other choice than to break your head again'..She said and Daniel just smiled....

She was just so beautiful..

And her body clearly drove him crazy just like every other woman he's ever met..

‘Just get to work and make me feel better please I'm literally tired and my bones are begging you to help'..He muttered under his breath and somehow she couldn't help but smile...

Somehow everything was just so strange to her...

How she met Doctor Daniel and now she was giving him a naked massage on his bed and even though he took her by force the other day which still hurt she was gradually getting to like him....

But he was a player...

He was a f**king s*x magnet that shouldn't be toyed with...


Hours later Daniel woke up and turned around only to see Kylie gone with her clothes and he somehow felt annoyed cause her body was so warm on his..

He walked over to to the bathroom and frowned deeply seeing how badly he needed a shave but his reminiscing was short lived when he began hearing yells from downstairs...

‘What is going on??'..He asked as he rushed down only to see Clarice and Kylie apparently arguing over something..

‘Well tell your dumb cousin to stay out of my business Daniel,I told her I want to see you but she's clearly acting like a doofus!'..Clarice yelled angrily..

‘Me dumb?? She told me she wants me out of the house and that I should stay away from you cause you're clearly her boyfriend!! Even I can't imagine such audacity and she's like the most annoying human ever!!'...Kylie fired back and clearly Daniel wasn't having it...

‘Kylie you have no right to talk to her that way you're just a maid here and I won't—

‘Wait Daniel I thought she was your cousin??'..Clarice asked and he nipped his bottom lip...

He was busted..

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