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   A Deal With Doctor Daniel
(Be my maid and my whore)
(Rated 🔞)

      💊💉 Episode 18💊💉

‘Once again I said you're not my girlfriend Clarice now can we quit this talk and do the surgery please??'...Daniel muttered under his breath angrily as Clarice still chattered about how much of a cheater he was...

The patient's surgery was a simple one which was to just fix an internal bleeding in the liver and remove three bullets...

His life was basically on the line but luckily Daniel takes his job seriously and is a monster inside the theatre...

‘Okay let's—

His voice trailed off as soon as his phone rang and when he checked who was calling it was his home land line...

📲:Hello,I'm very busy who the hell—

📱:Hey Daniel it's me Kylie,uhh your sister just ran away with some money from your safe!!'..Kylie's voice rang through the phone..

📲:Wait you're joking right..Mario take over I'll be here with you to wrap up..Kylie how much exactly did she take??'...He asked in fear..

📱:Uhmmm I think it's up to a thousand grand and she said she was going to use it to buy a new bike'..Kylie replied..

📲:Buy a bike?? For heaven's sake she's ten years old what is wrong with that child?!!'.. Daniel groaned and hung up...


Kylie paced up and down as she waited for Daniel's angry arrival in the house..

‘I'm so dead,I'm so dead'..She muttered under her breath and when Daniel bursted through the door with Danielle she flinched..

‘Oh my thank goodness'..She heaved a sigh of relief..

‘You young lady,you are going home'..He muttered as he went upstairs to grab Danielle's bag and ordered an Uber to take her home...

After some minutes he came back and Kylie nipped at her bottom lip as she didn't know what he was going to do next..

‘Can I..can I...

‘I need a massage Kylie,and I need you too'..


  1. I thought it was supposed to be 4 episodes daily but you dropped only two 😔



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