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   A Deal With Doctor Daniel
(Be my maid and my whore)
(Rated 🔞)

      💊💉 Episode 17💊💉

‘What the hell?? What is wrong with you?!!'.
Daniel yelled as he touched the back of his head which was bleeding and Kylie cried..

‘Y...You were hurting me'..She stuttered and he scoffed..

‘Of course it'll hurt you're a virgin!! The first time always hurts!!'..

‘W...well...Ahhhh I feel a lot of pain'..She whimpered as she turned around..

‘This isn't over Kylie,I will have you'..He groaned trying to stand up but it was kind of hard with the pain at the back of his head...


4pm to be exact and Daniel parked his car in front of the hospital only for the stripper from the other day to enter his car and rubbed her boobs all over his face...

‘What are you doing here?? I'm at work'..He groaned and she smiled..

‘I..I want a piece of your c**k Loverboy'..She whispered and began unbuckling his belt..

‘Okay just a quickie and you're out of here'..He whispered and then turned her around to the back of his car..

His mouth went down immediately on hers and his hand parted her tattooed thighs..

‘Ohh my you do it good L—

‘Shut up'.. Daniel groaned as he placed two fingers inside her and she shrieked but he was quick to cover her mouth so as not to attract any attention...

He placed his d**k at the entrance of her p**sy and began banging hard which made her gasp for air in pleasure...

‘Ohhh what is going on here???'..Clarice came out of nowhere and knocked on the car window which made Daniel roll his eyes..

‘Clarice it's—

‘Are you cheating on me Daniel??, is this why you've been avoiding my text and my calls??'..She asked..

‘Clarice I'm not cheating on you I'm not your boyfriend!!'..

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