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   A Deal With Doctor Daniel
(Be my maid and my whore)
(Rated 🔞)

      💊💉 Episode 16💊💉

Kylie just stood looking with a regretful look on her face as Daniel urged her to take her clothes off..

She should've just robbed the bank, she thought..

‘You are a bastard Doctor Daniel'..She winced a little bit as she took off her night shirt and goosebumps appeared all over her body as her nakedness was exposed..

‘Get on my body Kylie'..Daniel ordered looking very satisfied at what he saw..

She was a very sexy human...

Like very super sexy..

‘Daniel I don't want to—

‘Your mother is in the hospital Kylie it's not a request it's an order'...He interrupted her and before she could object more his hands were skimming all over her body and his lips went down on her immediately..

‘You are a virgin Kylie and even though my sanity doesn't agree with me I'm just going to take things slow just for your sake'..He whispered as he carried her on the bed...

But he wasn't taking things slow..

With the little kissing and the little foreplay his giant c**k was already out and hanging outside of his pants as he parted Kylie's legs wide open and placed two fingers deep inside her p*ssy which made her gasp in pain and little ecstacy...

She always heard the first time was painful but not this painful?!.

‘Please...Please stop,please just stop'...She begged in her low voice but it was too late already..

He was already inside her and already broke the barrier before he even realized it..

‘Yo...You're truly a virgin?? Oh my God you are a virgin Kylie'..He gasped shocked and at the same time kinda happy..

She was so tight and it felt so good...

‘Stop it please..please just stop it'..She begged gripping the bedsheets hard in pain and when Daniel wouldn't stop she quickly grabbed the night lamp and bashed it on his head...



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