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   A Deal With Doctor Daniel
(Be my maid and my whore)
(Rated 🔞)

      💊💉 Episode 15 💊💉

The sun rose and Kylie turned around only for her to bump into Danielle and when they both opened their eyes they screamed...

‘Ahhh!!!! What are you doing?!!'..Danielle yelled again and Kylie frowned..

‘I should be asking you little girl this is my bed!!'.

‘Ohhh well it's my brother's house so I have the right to sleep in whatever room I want and I don't want you here'..Danielle fired back and Kylie couldn't help but scoff...

The girl was a pain and she knew it...

‘Okay what's going on here?! I just need an hour of sleep'..Doctor Daniel yawned as he walked into their room clad in pajama pants and without a shirt on..

‘Well tell your sad excuse of a maid not to mess with me next time'.. Danielle replied and stomped off with her hair swaying from side to side..

‘Your sister is a brat'..Kylie muttered..

 ‘Hey your job here is to work your loan off and not tell me your opinions about my sister okay??Now I want you in my room ASAP'..He snarled and walked grumpily..


‘Breakfast is served'..Kylie said minutes later as she walked into Daniel's room with a tray of bacon,eggs and salad....

‘Mmmh looks tasty but I'm not hungry for that'..He bit his lower lip as she turned to walk away..

‘B..but you said—

‘Strip off your clothes Kylie'..

‘What?!! You're joking right it's morning and—

‘I won't repeat myself give Kylie take your clothes off,I want to see you naked'..

‘But..but you said I'll just be your maid!!'..Kylie said in tears and he snickered lightly..

‘And you believed me?? Ohh girl you really don't know me do you?? But enough with the chit chat already just take off your clothes'..

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