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   A Deal With Doctor Daniel
(Be my maid and my whore)
(Rated 🔞)

      💊💉 Episode 14💊💉

‘You think I'm a liar?? how inconsiderate are you just because of s*x??'.. Kylie snapped at Daniel who wasn't buying her story...

‘I am not buying your story Kylie but what I can do is make you love men back,I've been told I have the magic touch'..He whispered and before she could object his hands went under her skirt and his mouth covered hers again kissing her like never before...

She was inexperienced and she hated his guts but she enjoyed him and she couldn't deny that fact, that she enjoyed him...

‘Mmmmh'..The moan escaped her lips as he propped her up on his waist and kissed the hell out of her only for someone to scream from upstairs..

‘What the hell was that??!!'...Kylie asked all scared and when he went upstairs and came back down he was really angry as a young girl followed him down...

‘Danielle what are you doing here??'..He asked his little ten year old sister..

‘Mom dropped me off here'...She replied and he rolled his eyes..

‘And she didn't seem it fit to call me?? What is wrong with you all?!! Why didn't she call to ask if I was around or not!??!'..


‘Danielle did you run away from home?? Did you tell Alfredo to bring you here without mom knowing??'...Daniel asked and Danielle scoffed...

‘Yeah you caught me so what?? Mom is cheating on dad and now he's found out!!, The whole house is a mess and they're on each other's throats,I just...I just couldn't stay there Daniel'..

‘Why didn't you go to meet Dandy?! Why?? Am I the only brother you have?!' .Daniel asked still irritated..

‘Well you're the only carefree brother I know,I mean the one who doesn't care if I drink or not which means you're the coolest'..

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