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   A Deal With Doctor Daniel
(Be my maid and my whore)
(Rated 🔞)

      💊💉 Episode 13💊💉

‘Hey you better watch your mouth girl the only reason my house is this way is because I have to leave for work very early and sometimes come back very late, Doctor's don't have the time to take care of themselves'..Daniel explained why pizza boxes and everything was littered in every nook and cranny of his living room and kitchen .

‘Well it's a bad mess sir and I really need to spruce this place up really fast but I'm so tired to do anything'..Kylie replied but instead of that Daniel pinned her to the wall and lowered his lips down to hers...

‘What are you doing??'... She asked trying to push him away but his grip was strong on hers...

‘I am trying to kiss you Kylie what does it look like I'm doing?'..He said..

‘But... but this isn't part of the deal!! Let me go ahh!!'..She cried out and he scoffed lightly..

‘I changed my mind now come with me Kylie,I don't want to keep my bed waiting'....

‘But you're tired!! You're tired aren't you doctor Daniel?? You don't really have to do this it's affecting you really bad and I can see it through you,what you need is sleep and not anything else so—

‘you don't know what I need Kylie,what are you so scared?? it's only a little pain and nothing else what's wrong with you??and—

‘I am not a virgin!!!'..Kylie yelled and his brows perked up..

‘Youre not a virgin?? Then why did you lie?!!'.. Daniel yelled at the top of his voice....

‘Well I...I...I was...I was molested when I was a teenager and when I mean molested i mean raped and this is why I hate men or s*x'..She explained and after some minutes of silence Daniel snickered..

‘You're a really terrible liar'..

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