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💍(A new feeling for her 💍

💏Episode 46💏

Clarice's POV💍

‘What I wanted was for you to kill her not give her a bullet wounds?!! Ughhh why do I have to do everything myself!!'….I yelled at the top of my voice at Shooter…

‘Well it was just a warning shot!! To show that we're out to get to her!!'..He replied and I rubbed my temple in frustration…

‘So let's see something here,you are still going to shoot her right??'..I asked and he nodded...

‘Yeah of course but instead of shooting her why don't I kill her right in the hospital??'..

‘Hmmmm you're a genius!!!'…

Gray's POV💍

‘A baby?!!! She's two months pregnant??!'..I exclaimed as I read the contents of the result..

‘Yes,sometimes the signs don't show until the child is two and a half or three months old'..The doctor replied..

Claire is two months pregnant?!!..

But we just started having s*x last two weeks how on Earth is she two months pregnant??..

Did she sleep with another man?!!..

And a baby??!..

There's no way I'm expecting a baby now?!!…

‘Claire please explain this!!'..I yelled as I walked into her ward..

‘What is that?!!'..She asked .

‘You are two months pregnant!! Tell me how on Earth are you two months pregnant when we only started having s*x weeks ago?!!'..I screamed..

‘We didn't start having s*x weeks ago'..She murmured with tears in her eyes..

‘Wh..what do you mean??'….

‘Well on a particular night months ago I was in your room looking for a file when you came in drunk,well I was wearing a provoking night gown I guess and I wanted to leave but you blocked my way and kissed me.I..i could have just pushed you away but your lips were so good on mine and the whole thing escalated and we..we had s*x'..She explained and I gasped heavily…

I remember getting drunk when Rudolf brought me home and I remember seeing a pink pantie under my bed but it never occurred to me that I slept with her??..

And now she's pregnant as a result of that night?!!..

‘Claire I'm not ready to be a..I'm not ready to be a father I..I don't want a child now'..I muttered under my breath...

‘What are you saying??'..She asked..

‘You have to terminate the pregnancy'..


  1. What! There's no way she's terminating the baby so you better get a hold of yourself and know your responsibility as a husband and a father



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