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          EPISODE FOUR.

    "Am I going to be here forever?*

She asks the one that had followed her to show her the room she would be staying at.

She's the only one who hasn't talked to her ever since she has been here and she has managed to notice that.

She stares at him secretly and couldn't help but to wonder how they all manage to look so good even though they are doing this kind of thing.

He has a brown slightly curly hair but not as the one she has saw earlier.

For some weird reasons, she couldn't help but to let her mind wanders to the one whom she had saw earlier.

She still couldn't get over the way he had stated at her and her ever so green eyes.

She shakes her head, deciding that she's only finding trouble for herself if she continues to think about someone like that and she focuses on the one who's standing before her, now staring at her in a weird way.

Probably wondering why she was shaking her head.

Her brown eyes bored into hers and she couldn't help but to look away as her cheeks heats up.

"We don't know yet. It depends on the boss decision..."

He finally answers the question that she had asked earlier and she nods her head at him before turning back and looking around the room that she's in.

It's bigger than she expected and she loves the way that it's designed. She shouldn't be doing that really, she should be creating a fuse about wanting to go out but why bother even doing that when that if isn't going to work and that would only anger them the more and she has to stay alive at least.

"We would be right down the hall if you need anything. Don't hesitate to ask."

The guy says before walking out of the room and she lets out a sigh before sitting on the bed then laying on it, her eyes glued to the ceiling.

She couldn't help but to think about her life.

Her engagement was called off and now she's kidnapped. What a great life she's leaving.

She wondered if she would even ever get out of here.She really wants to, if not for anything but for her parents. They must be really worried about her right now.

After all they are the only one who truly cares about her, the only man who she thought also did doesn't apparently and he must now be busy enjoying life with his new fiancee.

She couldn't help the tears that rolls down her cheeks at the thought of that.

He would be enjoying his life to the fullest, giving no care about her in the world whereas she would be here. Stuck here, kidnapped and it's all because of him.

If he hasn't broken off their engagement then he probably wouldn't have been wandering around the streets, seeming like a senseless person.

If he hasn't sent her that message then she wouldn't have stopped moving and she definitely wouldn't have been kidnapped.

She hates him so much for this.

So so much. Though she can't decide what to hate him for truly, the fact that he broke her heart or the fact that he got her into this?

Thinking about that, it isn't soon before she falls asleep hugging the pillow to herself.

     TBC ♥️.

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