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 👑♥️The King's Wife👑♥️

     ♥️(How can you hate me when I love you??)♥️

     ♥️Episode 4♥️

Elena's POV❤

I stared at the strikingly handsome young man who bumped into me and instantly froze also in his striking grey eyes until he finally spoke again..

‘I guess you are Lady Elena??'..

‘Yes who is asking??'..I returned the harsh tone..

‘None of your concern,you take her to her room'..He replied and walked away..

Who the hell is he??...

I guess he's the King's son that's why he's talking in this manner!!..

What insolence!!..

’Pleased to meet you Lady Elena I am Prince John of Arilea kingdom'..A younger version of the rude man I just encountered said and bent down to kiss my hand..

‘And I guess that is your brother'.. I replied pointing at the direction he went and Prince John nodded..

‘Let me show you around shall I??'..

‘Yes please do,so I can look for a way to escape'..


‘Nothing!! Let's go please'..

King Xavier's POV❤

‘I don't like her mother!!'..I yelled as I barged info mother's tea book club meeting ..

‘Excuse me ladies I would love to have a word with my mother please'. I added and her friends left with their books..

‘What is the meaning of this Xavier??'..She asked..

‘I don't like her mother!! She is very beautiful and elegant too but at the same time she doesn't want this!! Just as I do not want this!!'...I replied and she sighed deeply..

‘These things take time Javier and you have to understand that! These things take a lot of time and very soon you'll start liking each other'..

‘Like?? That lady is very unlikeable and she looks very rude!!'..I snarled and just then John rushed in....


‘E..Ele..Lady Elena she...She...She kicked me and ran away with..with some of your horses'...


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