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👑♥️The King's Wife👑♥️

     ♥️(How can you hate me when I love you??)♥️

     ♥️Episode 3♥️

Elena's POV❤

‘Let me go!!! Let me go you bastards!!!'..I cried out in pain as the gaurds held my hands so I wouldn't run out of the carriage...

‘Stay still Lady Elena!!! You would hurt yourself!!'..Grover my personal guard yelled and I kicked him still..

‘You knew mother was going to do this but you still you didn't tell me?!! I thought we were friends Grover!!'..

‘Ouch!! Ouch Lady Elena I didn't know I swear to God almighty!! I didn't know about it until now I swear!!'...He begged holding my leg in place..

‘i...I don't want to get married!! Even if I wanted to you all know it's Keegan I would marry! He's the only man I love and you all want me to marry an old King?!'...I bursted into tears...

‘You shouldn't cry Lady Elena,who knows?? you might like Arilea when you get there!! I heard they grow wonderful flowers there'..He cooed as a form of consolation to me but I slapped his hands off....

‘If you think I am going love anything about that place then you're mistaken Grover,you are certainly mistaken!!'..

I never wanted to get married and I don't want to get married to someone I don't know??..

What am I even saying??..

I am already married to someone I don't know!....

What do I say to him when I get to the kingdom of Arilea??...

What do I do??...

King Xavier's POV❤

‘She's here!!'..I heard Calla scream from outside my door and when I opened it all I saw was a happy look on her face ..

‘What is the problem and who is here??'..I asked with a scowl on mine...

‘Your w... sorry she's here!! Your wife!! Elena is here!!'..She squealed..

‘And why are you so excited about it??'...

‘She is very beautiful Xavier you need to see her!! She's way more beautiful than John explained she is very very beautiful!!'... She replied and I scoffed again..

I would be the judge of that if she's beautiful or not cause I never wanted her in the first place...

My sister dragged my by the arm and with pure reluctancy I followed her over to the carriage and turned back at the wall only for me to bump into someone..

‘Who are you??'..We both asked each other and then I caught the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen..

Who is she??

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