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Season 4

Episode 79

(I feel sorry for you )

"Bang!" And just like that, the last thought of defense in Jacob's mind vanished.

There was no way Jacob could refuse Emily. She was like a bittersweet poison to him – he knew it was bad and could only hurt him, but he was still addicted to it.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. But before Jacob could answer, Sam came into the room and said, "Mr. Jacob, Miss Emily, I have the doctor with me now. So, if you–,"

" Not now, Sam. Please leave us alone for now," Jacob gently interrupted Sam without looking at his direction.

Sam didn't say a word in reply. He just carefully pulled the door closed and left with the medical staff right away.

Several hours had passed and it was already evening.

Emily finally woke up, but she felt more tired no matter how much sleep she had. Her body slightly ached when she tried to sit up.

As soon as her eyes adjusted to the light, she noticed that there was no one in the room with her. She felt sad and a little disappointed at the same time for no reason.

Emily owed Jacob her life for saving her last time.

This time it was Emily who saved Jacob's life. 'I think we're even now. We owe each other nothing from now on, ' Emily thought, looking at the dark skies outside the window.

After she finally gained her senses, Emily did not waste any time and immediately got up to leave. She dressed up and left the room as quickly as she could. As she stepped out of the hotel, she abruptly stopped. A thought suddenly crossed her mind and without further thinking, she went to the nearest drugstore and bought herself some birth control pills.

Meanwhile, Jacob was on his way back to the hotel with Emily's favorite porridge. Inside the elevator car, he looked at the porridge in his hand and imagined the smile on Emily's face when she ate it. When he reached the hotel floor, he briskly walked to his room with excitement. But his smile vanished when he came back to an empty room.

He put the porridge down the table and scanned the room, hoping that his eyes were just tricking him. But Emily was nowhere to be found. He could still smell a slight scent of her perfume. When he looked down, he found one of Emily's earrings that she accidentally left and immediately picked it up. He held it in his hands like a cherished treasure.


Emily came home more exhausted than she usually was, and she was welcomed by Beryl. After having a small talk with Beryl, she immediately went to her room for some rest. She didn't have enough energy, so she just climbed to bed without changing to her pajamas.

Ina was the new babysitter highly endorsed by the Lu family so Emily had high regards with Ina's skills and trusted her very well. But little did Emily knew that Ina already threw her under the bus while she slept peacefully. Quietly she sneaked out and phoned someone as if she was spying Emily for some reason.

It was already late in the morning when Emily woke up. She was so exhausted from last night that her body clock did not work.

Since it was already late and she was not in the mood to face any of those troubles that day, she decided to take a day off from work.

But trouble seemed to have a way of finding Emily even if she did not ask for it.

Jennifer was immediately sent back by Jacob after that day because he wanted to imply that he had nothing or no one to be afraid of now.

If it was for Jennifer, she would rather be locked in Jacob's mansion so that she could stay closer to him and hoped that Jacob would finally notice her sometimes.

But the thought of Jacob sending her back so that Emily would not misunderstand him made Jennifer feel humiliated, as if she was a commodity that was returned when a better replacement arrived.

With her plans of getting close to Jacob got spoiled, she would do anything to return the same favor to Emily.

Jennifer rushed to Emily's place to give her a taste of her disappointment and disgust, and to make the latter unhappy like she was.

"Ding-dong, ding-dong." Jennifer impatiently rang Emily's doorbell. As she stood there waiting for the door to open, she smoothened her new hairdo and dress.

She was very annoyed that she was not able to parade her new look and outfit that day in Jacob's mansion, so the least she could do now was to show Emily that she looked better than the latter.

'I will never be defeated by someone like Emily!' Jennifer thought to herself.

It was late in the afternoon when Emily heard the doorbell rang, but she did not budge. She assumed that whoever it was at the door would eventually leave if no one opened it. Unfortunately, the doorbell continued to ring.

There was no one at home at that time except for Emily – Ina was out to buy some food at the supermarket, while Beryl was deeply asleep in the room. Much to her dismay, she got up to answer the door. As she opened the door and her eyes finally adjusted to the sunlight, she did not expect the person who was at her door.

Emily paused for a moment and looked at Jennifer with a cold and straight face.

Still surprised, Emily asked coldly, "Miss Jennifer, what brought you here?"

As soon as the door opened, Jennifer's jaw dropped in disbelief. She looked at Emily from head to toe and noticed that the latter was only wearing a bathrobe with her long, curly hair hanging loosely on her shoulders. Emily's face was not made up, but her beauty still radiated from that plain yet beautiful face.

Jennifer then saw the red marks on Emily's neck and could not help but feel angry and deeply offended. She cleared her throat and yelled, "I don't care if you are Cloris or Emily, but please behave yourself properly."

Emily sighed and replied coldly, "Well, that is what exactly I want to tell you."

"For your information, I am Jacob's fiancée now, so do not ever flirt with my Jacob," Jennifer warned.

"Fiancée? I didn't know that. Does Jacob know his fiancée exist?"

Emily said. Jennifer felt the sarcasm in those words and immediately regretted coming to Emily's place. She felt ridiculous for stooping down to Emily's level.

Jennifer had never thought she would lose her self-control over Jacob and that she could do such things just for him. She was a noble and elegant young lady, while Emily was no one compared to her.

But now it seemed that their places were reversed when she came here, and it was unacceptable.

"Emily, I know I shouldn't be saying this to you, but you left me no choice. I'm pregnant. And Jacob is the father of the baby. I have been living in Jacob's mansion since we found out that I'm expecting. You saw that, didn't you? And you are also aware that Jacob has never brought any women in his mansion except for you and me, right?" Jennifer said.

Jennifer kept her eyes locked on Emily's face, hoping that the latter would be furious and resented after hearing what she said. But to Jennifer's surprise, Emily kept a straight face.

She could not believe that Emily did not care about Jacob at all.

"I knew Jacob very well. I know him more than you do," Jennifer added, trying to sound more believable. Emily could see through Jennifer's envy and distorted soul. She kept her cold eyes locked at Jennifer and said sarcastically, "Oh, and I know you very well."

Jennifer knew that Emily saw through her lies and tricks at that moment. 'How can it be? I know we both love Jacob and she should be raging by now with all the things I just said. But how can she remain this calm? How can she remain this elegantly calm?

Why should I suffer all by myself?' Jennifer yelled in her mind.

"Believe what you want, but the fact remains that Jacob is the father of the child I'm carrying," Jennifer said. She stared at Emily with resentment and continued, "The Gu Family always think highly of offspring, and I happen to have what they want. So, how can you compete with that? Oh, I forgot. You already have a daughter. But I guess you don't even know who the father of your daughter is, am I right?"

Emily did not say a word and just stared at her. She sighed and smiled sarcastically.

"How pathetic. I feel sorry for you.

You are deeply in love with someone who won't love you back. Poor girl," Emily chuckled.

These words stabbed Jennifer's heart like a knife and her face turned pale.

"How dare you! You have no right to feel sorry for me!" Jennifer screamed uncontrollably.

"That's enough, Jennifer!" The cold voice came from Jennifer's back. The familiar voice made her anxious as the man continued to unmask her lies. "So, you're telling people you're pregnant, and that I am the father of the child. And you expect me to believe that?

If you want to tell that lie, you could at least be reasonable. Nothing happened between us and I never touched you. So how can I be the father of that baby?"

Jennifer turned around and saw Jacob's fuming face. Seeing his eyes full of disgust, Jennifer could only mutter in a low voice, "Jacob…"

Jennifer approached Jacob, but he avoided her indifferently. Jacob said sternly, "I am warning you for the last time, if you play any more of this trick, you'd only make me hate you even more. I won't be so polite to you the next time you do this again."

"No, Jacob. You don't understand. I only do this because I love you!" Jennifer pleaded. Her eyes were starting to fill with tears.

"Jennifer, please. You really disgust me," he said in a cold tone. Jacob looked at her blankly like she was just a stranger.

He continued, "I may have played dumb about the DNA test you initiated four years ago, but it didn't mean I knew nothing about it."

Jennifer's face turned dead pale and she anxiously bit her lips tightly. She was caught off guard and could not say a word. She did not know what to do as Jacob unveiled her plots in front of Emily.

Jennifer felt vulnerable and embarrassed. She felt like a clown in a circus and Emily was standing there to watch her fall into her own trick.

At last, Jennifer had drawn the last straw of her friendship with Jacob. She stood there silently, still could not figure out how to get out of the mess she made.

Jacob was annoyed and warned Jennifer sternly, "Better stay away from us. You don't want to see your family go bankrupt, do you? So please behave yourself!

And get out of here now! I don't want to see your face anymore!"


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