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Season 4

Episode 77

(Do you think I'm blind)

In the five-star Queens Court Resort. It only took Emily twenty minutes to get there. When she got off the car, she was sweating through her clothes. Even to this day, she still couldn't deceive herself.

She really worried about Jacob. Especially, when she saw the last message from Sam, her heart sunk to the floor.

"Miss Cloris, if you don't come now and I mean now, you will never see Mr. Jacob again."

'What had happened to Jacob?' she wondered anxiously.

Sam had been waiting at the gate of the resort for her. The moment he saw Emily, his eyes lit up by joy, as if he had seen the last savior.

Deep in his heart, Sam knew that Emily would come!

'Looks like she still cares for Mr. Jacob!' Sam was relieved to see her walked towards him.

"E... Miss Cloris," Sam strode forward, his face full of anxiety.

Emily walked quickly without even realizing how fast she was walking. She took a deep breath, pretending to be calm, and asked "Sam, what happened to Mr. Jacob? Why did you bring him to a hotel and not to a hospital?"

Guilt appeared in his eyes as Sam looked away to hide away his embarrassment. He mumbled, "Umm..because... Mr. Jacob is in danger, and there wasn't enough time to take him to a hospital. You may want to see for yourself..."

Emily sensed that something was wrong, but when she wanted to ask for more details, she only saw the anxiety on Sam's face. Strangely enough, he seemed to be requesting her, as if Emily was the only person in the world who could save Jacob.

"Miss Cloris, only you can save Mr. Jacob. Please don't walk away from this life-and-death situation..."

Finding Sam's behavior to be odd at best, Emily felt the panic begin like a cluster of spark plugs in her abdomen. Tension grew in her face and her breathing became rapid and shallow. Without wasting any more time, she followed Sam to the presidential suite.

Emily took a deep breath and walked into the room.

She was relieved to see that the image of Jacob's badly bruised body was only a figment of her imagination. Jacob was lying on the sofa, with his eyes shut tight.

The collar of his shirt was ripped open, showing his delicate collarbone and firm chest. His handsome face was abnormally red, while thick beads of sweat also lined up on his forehead...

A sexy woman climbed over him like a water snake, and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Mr. Jacob, let me take you to bed..." she whispered in his ears.

The next second, she was on the floor, pushed away by Jacob as if she were a bag of rubbish. "Fuck off!"

"Mr. Jacob..." The woman still did not want to give up, and she refused to leave.

'What a joke! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to climb up the social ladder. Who would be stupid enough to give up such a chance?' the woman thought to herself.

All the while, Emily watched with amazement as the scene unfolded right before her like an old movie. She looked at Sam and sneered, "You called me over so urgently to show me this drama?"

However, even Sam was shocked at what he was seeing. 'Who is this woman? Where did she come from? Mr. Jacob would never betray Miss Emily!'

"Miss Cloris, let me explain to you. This isn't what you think..." Sam asked the guards to take that woman away immediately. 'How dare she try to seduce Mr. Jacob!' He explained, "Mr. Jacob has been unconscious for a while now. That woman must have sneaked in. Miss Cloris, please save Mr. Jacob! Every woman out there is waiting to get in bed with him..."

Unfortunately, Emily walked away, before he could finish his words.

Sam caught up with her, nervously, "Miss Cloris..."

"Sam, when are you going to tell me the truth?"

When she saw Sam's nervous face earlier, Emily thought Jacob was indeed in danger. But now, what did she see?

"Someone plotted against Mr. Jacob and drugged his wine. That's why he's acting like this..." Sam finally confessed.

"You should have taken him to the hospital. That would be the right thing to do," Emily was upset by his lack of good judgment.

"But no matter how hard I tried, Mr. Jacob wouldn't go to the hospital. I had nothing to do but to..."

Emily looked at Sam coldly, "So you called me here to have sex with him?"

Sam swallowed air, and his heart sunk to the ground. "No! Miss Cloris, don't take it the wrong way!" Sam quickly explained, "Mr. Jacob would rather tolerate the pain than spend the night with another woman! That's why I asked you to come here because I figure you would know what to do!"

Stunned, Emily responded, "What can I do?"

"Miss Cloris, you know that Mr. Jacob only listens to your words. Could you please help me persuade him to go to the hospital? If he carries on like this, I'm afraid his body will suffer..."

Finally, Emily understood Sam. She stood there pensively for a few seconds, before she walked back to the room.

Sam breathed a sigh of relief and followed her inside.

Jacob was left alone in the presidential suite. His demeanor was intimidating, almost like a wild animal, too dangerous for others to approach.

He seemed to have sensed someone entering his room, so he opened his eyes and shouted, "Get out of here!"

Sam wanted to beat his chest with regret, since he was afraid that Emily would get angry at Jacob and walk away. To stop that from happening, he ran towards Jacob and said, "Mr. Jacob, Miss Cloris is here..."

"Get out! Don't let me see your face again!" Jacob couldn't listen to anybody's words right now. He held onto the side of the sofa, resisting his primitive desire.

However, there was a burning sensation in his body, which took over his senses and kept his desire alive.

Emily locked her eyes on him, and stepped closer, "Jacob, you need to let Sam take you to the hospital now."

Jacob's face turned red because of the drugs. He focused on her face closely, as if he was trying to identify her face, "...

Emily, it that you?" The blurry sight of Emily's face calmed his nerves a bit. Emily held his hand and nodded, "It's me. Listen to me. I will take you to the hospital now."

"Don't lie to me!" Much to her surprise, Jacob pushed her hand away. He stared at her with his gloomy eyes, and said, "There was a group of women who claimed to be Emily and tried to seduce me! You must be one of them..."

Jacob pushed Emily's hand so hard she

hit the table next to the sofa. Before long a purple welt appeared on her hand.

Astounded, she looked up to Jacob and explained tenderly, "It's me, Jacob! I'm Emily. Your one and only..."

"What? Do you think I am blind now? You impostors are not even worth one of her fingers! Get out of my room now!" Jacob yelled at her.

Sam was nervously sweating by the side. How he wished he could knock Jacob's head and make him see things clearly!

'You are the blind one now, aren't you? How silly! You can't even recognize the person you love so much!' Sam thought.

"Stop being a jerk, Jacob," Emily bit her lips, and she wiped the sweat on his forehead for him. She tried to speak as gently as possible, "I know you can still recognize me. Are you in pain now? Why don't we go to the hospital together? I will be there for you."

Jacob took her hand and looked at her with a surprised look on his face, "Emily, are you really Emily? I must be dreaming. There's no way she would be here. And I'm sure she wouldn't be so tender to me..."

His voice was so low, it was clear from his words that he was heart-broken. Seeing Jacob act so vulnerable, shattered Emily's heart into tiny pieces.

Even Sam frowned, unable to stop himself from feeling sorry for Jacob, but he also thought, "This is such a nice way to win back Miss Emily's heart! Bravo, Mr. Jacob!"


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