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Season 4

Episode 76

(Then you can't see him any more)

Emily bent over quickly and picked Beryl up with haste. Emily turned to Jack and calmly stated, "You can't expect kids to keep remembering things."

"I guess you're right, plus I haven't been able to see her these days," said Jack.

Jack nodded in agreement, but he soon changed the topic, "You just came back from seeing Jacob, haven't you?"

"Yeah." Emily didn't see any reason to deny this.

Jack clicked his tongue in disappointment, averted his gaze and said, "I knew it."

Emily looked straight into Jack's eyes and asked seriously, "Jack, why did you lie about being Beryl's father?"

"Wait, you know?" Jack was surprised when he heard this, but settled down soon after. He continued, "Of course you do. Was it ever possible that Jacob would choose not to tell you the truth?"

His answer was a shock to Emily. She was just bluffing when she asked that, not really sure if Jack was going to bite. He did. "So, you mean that four years ago, you and I didn't.."

"Yes. I regret that we didn't," said Jack, morose.

Jack thought that if he took advantage of Emily that time, Beryl could've been his real daughter. But now, Jacob had it all.

Emily, on the other hand, was emotionally in turmoil. She doubted this even before that Beryl was his daughter, but she didn't dare voice it out. She was unconsciously trying to escape reality.

Escaping from what exactly? She had no idea.

When she learned of the truth at this very moment, Emily didn't experience the relief she thought would wash over her. Because of deliberate misinformation and misunderstanding, Jacob and her had missed four years of bringing up Beryl.

And time was fickle.

"Do you hate me then?" asked Jack intently. He sounded weary but insisted on an answer.

Emily wordlessly looked at him. She just looked down, and shook her head slowly looking sorrowful. She then answered, "I did before, but now I just don't feel anything."

Jack laughed at this. His face was showed a bitter expression and his eyes hinted a moment of madness. He yelled straight at Emily's face, "That's because you don't care about me now, so much that you don't even have the feelings to invest to hate me! I knew it all this time.

But I refuse to accept it."

How could he possibly accept it? Emily was his girlfriend from the start. But along came Jacob ruining everything and stole her away from him.

Even now when everyone was calling her Cloris Lu, Jacob was still the only one allowed to call her Emily. She must still care about him!

"Do you know what I have been doing?"
asked Jack. He looked deep into her eyes when he asked this. He found nothing. She only disappointed him with silence. "Funny that I even asked! Why the hell would you care what I've been doing recently? Never mind! Forget it. Emily, I just miss you so much." His abrupt change in tone at the end just went past Emily.

"Dwelling in the past will only serve to make you more miserable." Emily seemed to direct this to herself and the man in front of her. She then turned around and walked away with Beryl still in her arms. She didn't even look at Jack when she said, "And soon I will leave Z country, and you'll be able to start to move on."

"You'll meet another good girl just for you. I hope that you'll sincerely treat her well and with loyalty. Please do not hurt another girl who falls for you." Even if you put the pieces of a broken mirror back together, the cracks are still there. You just can't pretend nothing happened.

When Jack looked at her fading silhouette, darkness shrouded his vision.

His madness started to consume him, and dark clouds covered his mind.

Even if it was a broken mirror, as long as he wanted to, he would certainly turn it back to its former state, no matter at what cost.

He didn't know how long it would take to drag Jacob down forever.! He just couldn't wait another second.

Tina Tao. The ink glistened under the moonlight.

Emily sat at the desk and slowly wrote down the name with a battered ink brush late into the night.

Leona had paid the price. Now, the Tao Family was the only target left for her revenge.

There was the vicious Tina, her brother Mark who was as despicable as the devil herself, Mr. and Mrs. Tao who defended Tina's crimes, and Master Tao who looked the other way.

They were all her enemies.

Her first purpose back to Z country was revenge. She decided to set aside all other matters.

Emily was thinking whether she should send Beryl to the Lu Family in D country. Since Tina was a proven lunatic who killed her real parents, she could do anything.

But when Emily looked at Beryl's tender sleeping face, she realized she could never live without her daughter. She had been at Beryl's side practically in every moment ever since she was born. Emily didn't know whether Beryl could adapt to the real world without her mother.

She struggled and winced at the thought, which overshadowed her thoughts of Jacob. She fell asleep from sheer exhaustion.

Over the next few days, Emily and Beryl moved to another fancy neighborhood with enhanced security. They made this high-end villa their home temporarily.

Emily had no one to trust, so she called the Lu Family to send someone to watch over Beryl. The babysitter was a burly woman. She was an all-around woman. She could babysit, cook, wash and even be a bodyguard.

But Beryl didn't like her new babysitter that much because she was only friendly with attractive people. Emily scolded Beryl for this. She told her that it was inappropriate to judge people by their appearance, and Beryl then learned the proper way to treat all kinds of people - with decency.

Emily owed the Lu Family her debt of gratitude. She finally got the peace of mind she craved all this time. Plus, Jacob didn't come to see her, which added to her relief.

She had no idea how to face him, or how to deal with their feelings. For now, she would have to set him aside.

Maybe she would finally make her decision with regard to their relationship after her revenge.

There was another thing that bothered her a little.

Sam, Jacob's ever loyal assistant, kept texting her a lot recently. If she hadn't bothered to read his texts, Emily could think that Sam was pursuing her.

"Mr. Jacob drank a lot today for business."

"Mr. Jacob worked overnight today."

"Mr. Jacob didn't have lunch today."


Every text that came from him detailed Jacob's daily activities. Even if Emily didn't see Jacob these days, it was extremely hard to get him out of her mind because of Sam's updates.

Even though every text was harmless and trivial, they all upset Emily when she read them.

Every time she was tempted to add Sam into her blacklist of contacts, Emily somehow kept giving up after a long time internal struggle. She just decided to let it be.

About a ten minutes or so, Emily got another update from Sam.

"Mr. Jacob is in trouble."

The moment she read the message, Emily's eyes widened and her heart felt like it skipped a beat.

What happened with Jacob?

Before she was about to reply, her phone suddenly rang. It was a phone call from Sam. Emily answered the phone immediately and heard Sam's anxious voice.

"Miss E... Cloris! Mr. Jacob got in trouble! You'd better come and have a look. Please be quick!"

"What's up with him?" Emily accidentally knocked the coffee mug on the table, but she didn't care about saving the important documents. She only thought of Jacob. "You should call Jennifer instead of me. She is Jacob's fiancee."

Sam paused and wondered, 'Fiancee?' He had never heard that Jennifer was Mr. Jacob's fiancee. Even this was true, their engagement was like a million years ago.

Before he was about to clarify things, a beep sounded. Emily had already hung up. He tried calling again, but she kept rejecting it. Sam had no other choice but an ultimatum. He clenched his teeth tightly and started texting her a message.

"Miss Cloris, if you don't come now and I mean now, you will never see Mr. Jacob again."

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