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Season 4

Episode 75

(How do you even know he is sad)

Jennifer was shocked to see Emily but she quickly downplayed the situation and gave a bitter smile. "I was wondering who it was. It's just you, Emily. Am I interrupting something?" said Jennifer.

Emily, however, cast a short glance at her and did not say anything in response.

Emily's ignorant attitude irritated Jennifer. However, an ambiguous expression slowly appeared on her face as she fixed her hair and clothes, and then coyly said, "I'm sorry you've had to see me in such a condition. I blame Jacob for being extra wild last night.

I felt so weak in the morning, I got up late and didn't have the time to put on make up."

Clearly, Jennifer was suggesting that Jacob had slept with her last night. Immediately, Jacob's face twisted with anger and he shouted, "Who let her out?"

'Everything she said is bullshit! Do not believe her, Emily!' Jacob yelled in his mind.

Before long, the guards behind Jennifer came to take her away and lock her back in the room.

But Jennifer struggled and watched Emily's reaction as she yelled, "Jacob, why would you cheat on me and bring another woman in your house?

I am your fiancée! You asked me to live here with you! Did you forget that?"

"Shut up! Lock her back in the room!" Jacob ordered.

Jacob frowned and his face shriveled with humiliation, utterly disgusted by Jennifer's behavior. Indeed, Jacob locked Jennifer in his mansion so that she wouldn't be able to harm Emily, but Jacob didn't think that she would say such preposterous things to mislead Emily.

If Jacob knew this was going to happen, he would have locked up her in secluded place!

Disappointed at his own incompetence, Jacob turned around to explain to Emily and Beryl, "Listen to me. Don't believe a single word of what she says."

Beryl's eyes glimmered with curiosity and puzzlement. Jacob didn't know how to explain the situation to Beryl, so he looked at Emily affectionately hoping that Emily would understand him.

Unfortunately, that didn't work out well for him.

Emily's eyes were as tranquil as the surface of a lake without any waves. She looked back at Jacob indifferently.

It seemed like Emily did not care about the truth at all and she did not care whether what Jacob did was right or wrong. It made no difference to her whatsoever.

Jacob realized that there was no point in trying to explain the situation to her when he heard the coldness and apathy in her voice.

"Beryl and I will leave now. Thanks for taking care of Beryl," she said.

Although, Beryl was reluctant to leave, Emily was more important to her so she bid Jacob farewell politely, "Good-bye, uncle."

Before long, Emily walked out of the mansion with Beryl.

In a dramatic twist of events, even though just a while ago Jacob and Emily were so close to each other in the car, Jacob felt as if they had grown miles apart in less than an hour.

Loneliness ate at him from within, swallowing every ounce of hope he had to spare. It did not hurt but it felt cold.

Jacob stood there helplessly, as he watched the two most important women in his life gradually walk out of his life. He felt as if the air around him was suffocating him.

The housekeepers and maids stood aside, silently and gingerly.

They knew that Jacob was in bad mood.
They could not understand why Jacob did not persuade them to stay. Everyone could tell that he really cared about Emily and Beryl very much.

Emily and Beryl were long gone but Jacob stood at the gate like a statue. Moments later, he took out several pills from a vial in his pocket and swallowed them.

Soon, the impulse of being crazy and paranoid had disappeared and Jacob's mood was back to normal.


Emily left Tyrone Mansion, mentally exhausted. She felt so disheartened that she could not even breathe smoothly. Emily believed that she hid her sorrows from everyone quite well, while she grieved on the inside.

She knew that Jennifer was lying but the fact that she felt furious and sour at that moment, caught her by surprise. Why did she feel so strongly about it?

Deep in her heart, Emily wanted to ask Jacob what was going on but instead she let her rationality prevail as she was no longer his girlfriend and she didn't have the right to ask about his personal matters.

Emily's feelings for Jacob was still quite strong. It may have been lying dormant for many years, but it was unmistakably still present in her heart. Emily ridiculed herself for being so childish and immature.

Yet she couldn't stop wondering what kind of relationship Jacob and Jennifer were in and how much they meant to each other.

'Jacob, if you had Jennifer living with you in your home, why did you still chase after me and tell me that you loved me?' Emily thought pensively.

"Mommy, you love that handsome uncle, don't you?" asked Beryl. Beryl stared straight into Emily's eyes eagerly waiting for an answer.

Emily would have told Beryl that she didn't have any feelings for Jacob if she had not met up with him again after she came back to Z country. However, so many things had happened since then and for reasons unknown to her, she couldn't give Beryl a straight-forward answer.

Beryl waited for quite a while but when she did not get an answer she continued, "Mommy, every time you treat handsome uncle bad, he gets very sad."

Puzzled by her words, Emily asked, "How do you even know that?"

"I just do. I noticed that his attention is always focused on you and when you smile, he looks very happy too. But when you treat him poorly, the light in his eyes dims down and becomes gloomy," Beryl explained.

Emily was thoroughly stunned by how observant Beryl was. "... But when did I treat him bad?"

"Mommy, you've got a bad memory. You made him sad just now. And I think that you did it on purpose..." Beryl tried her best to find the words to explain herself properly, but she failed. Frustrated, she lowered her head into her hand and repeated, "Anyway, you treated him bad just now and I caught the sadness in his eyes."

Although, little Beryl did not know how to explain everything clearly, Emily knew what she meant already.

" I..."

"Mommy. You've been very mean," Beryl interrupted.

" I wasn't..." Emily said in a low voice.

"But you hurt his feelings. Mommy, you told me that we should never hurt another person's feelings," said Beryl.

When Emily realized that Beryl's words rang true, she felt as if something heavy had fallen on her heart.

She never intended to hurt Jacob's feelings but she had been completely oblivious of the fact that she had been breaking his heart again and again.

Emily was shocked to find how far she had deviated from her usual rationality in judgment. Puzzled, her thoughts were scattered all over the place, 'How should I have treated Jacob then? What is right? What did I do wrong?'

While she found herself mulling over the matter, she took a deep breath and called a taxi to take Beryl back home.

Soon, the taxi arrived at Emily's apartment. Although, Emily had calmed down, she didn't know that trouble was waiting for her at her doorstep.

"Jack? What are you doing here?" Emily asked in disbelief.

Jack stared at her affectionately from a close distance but he could feel that their hearts had drifted far from each other. "I missed Beryl...and you," he said.

Jack walked towards them looking to hug Beryl.

However, both Emily and Beryl took a step back subconsciously.

Disappointed, Jack feigned a smile on his face and asked, "Beryl, don't you remember me?"


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