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Season 4

Episode 72

(Could not die for time being)

Jacob opened the door and carried her inside the car. As if finally straightened out his thinking, he said, "I shouldn't bother trying to reason with you, because it is not possible to reason with women.

It's just better to solve problems with sex. If it doesn't work once, I will do it twice."

Jacob's huge stature towering over Emily inside the confined space of the car made her feel uneasy. She drew herself back subconsciously and said, "What are you doing?

"I am solving over problems."

"You are crazy! We're inside a car!"

"Would you like to do it outside the car?"
"Jacob!" Emily felt apprehensive and she panicked, "You are going too far. Do you want to force yourself on me like those animals from yesterday?"

"Did you just compare me to those rapists?"

Jacob couldn't believe what he had just heard. He pulled Emily into his arms in a crushing embrace and said, "You've gone too far this time!"

Emily's words stabbed Jacob's heart like a sharp sword, and made him tremble with distaste and disappointment.

Jacob pressed his lips to Emily's in retaliation and squeezed her in his arms.

"Damn, must I always force you to obey me?"

Emily felt like she was being strangled by a huge python. Gasping for air, she pleaded, "Let me go..."

"I won't."

"I promise I will listen to you..."

"It's too late now."

An air of ambiguity permeated the car. Jacob kissed Emily again and again, but he did not do anything out of the line.

Jacob hadn't forgotten what she had been through just yesterday. He made sure that Emily didn't feel unsafe in his presence.

After they pulled apart, Emily tidied up her clothes and fixed her hair. Her face was red, like a ripe cherry that had just been plucked.

Jacob was sitting in front, driving. Occasionally, he glanced at her beautiful face through rear-view mirror and his eyes grew darker each time.

Emily was the kind of person who would grow apart from Jacob, if he had not been aggressive enough to pursue their relationship. For instance, four years ago, if he had not forced her to stay with him, they would have never fallen in love.

This time, Jacob was determined to make her stay with him by any means necessary.

After a long silence, Emily spoke first, "That woman in the hospital, please give her some money."

Jacob frowned for a second and then replied," Okay."

Although, Emily had changed a lot over the years, her kind and compassionate heart remained unchanged.

Deep down, Jacob's Emily was the same person as before.

Although Jacob was not so forgiving of those who had hurt her, he chose to respect her will and her choices.

Emily said nothing more. Out of pity, she didn't hold any grudges against Delores, even though she tried to kill her and said all those horrible things to her.

In truth, no matter how hard one tries to change a person's perspective, sometimes people are just beyond help.

Emily looked out of the window lost in thoughts. Soon she would have to take Beryl back home, because she didn't want to take advantage of Jacob's help and overstay her welcome at his place.

If she did that, then there would be no difference between her and the opportunistic, self-serving women who hung around men for benefit.

Emily had worked too hard to avoid becoming that kind of person. She had already made up her mind about keeping a distance between her and Jacob.

The ringing of Jacob's cellphone broke the awkward silence in the car. Jacob immediately picked up the phone and answered, "Hello."

Emily noticed that Jacob's face had suddenly turned serious, and she couldn't help asking, "What's the matter?"

Jacob hung up the phone, turned to her and spoke in a low voice, "Leona ran away."

"Ran away?" Emily's eyes widened with surprise.

Indeed, Emily harboured deep resentment for Leona in her heart.

Although, Leona had suffered a miserable fate, she could only blame herself for her misfortunes. Emily did not feel the slightest bit of pity for her.

Everything Leona was suffering now had almost fell upon Emily. Without thinking, Emily knew Leona had got serious wounds, but she still managed to escape from the close watch of Jacob's man...

The thought of Leona hiding in some corner of world, secretly spying on her and her daughter, drove shivers down Emily's spine.

When Jacob noticed the look of concern on Emily's face, he softened his tone and said, "Don't worry, I'll have her captured.

Anyway, she's already contracted AIDS, she won't live long without medical treatment."

"AIDS..." Emily sighed and shook her head in disappointment. Leona had ruined her own life.

It was true that Emily wanted Leona to pay for all the bad things she had done to her, but she never thought of punishing her in such a vicious way. If Leona hadn't insisted on constantly causing harm to Emily, she wouldn't have been in such a predicament.

"Good begets good, and evil begets evil" — this old saying explained Leona's dire circumstances accurately.

It was time for Leona to meet her end. ...

Meanwhile, Leona was suffering from immense pain all over her body. She hadn't fully recovered yet, and the excruciating pain in her abdomen was getting worse. It felt like someone had ripped her innards out.

Her gaunt face was lifeless. Yet even in that state, she somehow managed to escape from the heavily guarded hospital with just a breath of strength in her body.

The only purpose Leona had left in her life was: revenge. She knew that if she wanted to get revenge on Emily she would have to escape or else Jacob would make her life a living hell.

Jacob's people were searching for Leona in every corner of the city. As a result, she had no choice but to hide in the gutters and sewers underneath the city. Apart from constantly feeling nauseated by the vile smell she also had to worry about the sewer rats crawling around the entire place.

Having had an abortion just recently, the rank, stinking water that reached up to her knees could prove to be life-threatening if she had gotten infected.

But at this moment, such matters no longer concerned her. She had already contracted AIDS. Did she still need to care about her health?

Besides, she wasn't going to die any time soon.

When the search party finally left, Leona emerged from the sewers. Stained with sewage water up to her knees and stinking of putrid waste, it was impossible for anyone to tell that she was once the General Manager of the Lin Jewelry Co.

Leona had nowhere else to go now, but she knew that there was only one person in the entire world she could turn to.

The only woman in the world who hated Emily just as much as she did, if not more.

--- At the Tao Villa.--

Just after the rain subsided, Tina woke up from her nap. Her eyes, which were identical to those of Emily's, had a hazy color.

Mark pulled the curtains open and walked over to her and held her in his arms as if he were holding a kitten. In his deep and gentle voice he asked, "Are you hungry?"

Tina rested her head on his shoulders and yawned, "Well, only if you feed me."
"Okay." Mark smiled at her and a satisfied look flashed over his eyes. He enjoyed taking care of Tina, and he liked to feel needed by her.

His plan was to spoil her until she became incapable of doing anything without his help, so that she would be completely dependent on him.

Forever spiraling downward into darkness.

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