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Season 4

Episode 70

(How could you be such a cold blood)

Beryl's time went by pleasantly, as she cheerfully spent most of it playing with the maidservants. Having so many people around her to play with was indeed a rare occurrence for her. Emily's heart melted at the sight of Beryl laughing heartily.

"Mommy, are you here to take me home?" asked Beryl.

Emily crouched down and stroked Beryl's hair. "Beryl, are you happy here?" she asked.

"Yes! I never have so much fun before," answered Beryl. Beryl reached out her arms around Emily's neck and begged, "Can I stay here just a bit longer? Please, mommy! Look! There are rabbits here as well. Baby loves playing with those rabbits."

The cute puppy ran over to them while they spoke. Emily was moved by Jacob's thoughtfulness of bringing Beryl's puppy to his home.

Emily didn't have the heart to turn down Beryl, as she looked at her mother with eager eyes. Emily sighed and answered, "Okay! You can stay here as long as you want, but you have to promise me that you will behave yourself.

Mommy has some important matters to take care of. Be a good girl, okay?"

While Emily was here to bring Beryl back with her, she changed her mind after she realized that Jacob's home was the safest place for her daughter to be in.

"Yes, mommy!" answered Beryl. Beryl was so delighted, she jumped and kissed Emily on the cheek, when she accidentally, noticed some red marks on her neck. Beryl asked, "Mommy, why do you have red spots on your neck?"

"What are you talking about?" asked Emily, as she ran her hands over her neck subconsciously. All of a sudden, Emily's face flushed red. "Maybe it's because of mosquitoes," she answered.

"What kind of mosquito does that? There are so many red marks on your neck. Don't forget to use mosquito-repellent incense tonight, okay mommy?"

"Okay! Mommy will keep that in mind."

All the while, Jacob stood right next to Emily, trying to hide his laughter with his hand over his mouth. Emily glanced at him angrily, implying with her facial expression, 'This is your fault. Now I've got hickeys all over my body. And how dare you laugh like this?'

"I will keep your mommy safe from mosquitoes next time," said Jacob.

He bent over, picked up Beryl in his arms and said, "It seems that you put on a little weight. Beryl, you are growing up."

Beryl answered proudly, "I have been a good girl. I always eat my meal on time."

Emily got excited about what Jacob said, and she exclaimed, "Really?"

"Perhaps you haven't noticed it because she's always around you," said Jacob.

Jacob passed Beryl to Emily, carefully placing her into the arms of her mother, and smiled. "I can tell the difference, as I haven't seen her for days," he said.

Emily took Beryl in her arms and carried her on her hip. She also felt like Beryl had perhaps put on a little weight.

Beryl's growth was slower than other children of her age because of her dysplasia, which made her look like a three-year-old at the age of four. Emily was afraid that her daughter would stop growing up.

So, Emily was definitely happy to hear the good news.

After she spent some time with Beryl, Emily took Jacob away to have a word with him in private. "What happened to Leona after you came and rescued me yesterday?"

With an ominous look flashing in his eyes, Jacob asked, "What would you have me do to her?"

Emily lowered her eyes and nodded her head slowly at Jacob.

"She needs to take responsibility for what she did," said Emily.

She knew what kind of punishment Jacob would bestow upon her, but she didn't feel sorry for such a wicked person as she did before.

"And what about the kidnapper?" asked Emily.

"We caught him. He took five million from Leona to kidnap you," answered Jacob. Jacob paused for a moment and then said, "It was for his wife's cancer treatment."

Lacking the capacity to feel sympathetic towards her captor, Emily sneered, "I told him that I would pay him twice the money, but he kidnapped me anyway."

Jacob pushed a few strands of hair behind her ears with his fingers and slowly said, "I'll see to it that he pays for what he has done."

"Where's his wife? I want to see her," said Emily.


In a public hospital, there was a woman in the ward gazing out of the window with tears in her eyes. As daylight dwindled the tension in her face grew.

The nurse, standing next to her, insisted, "Miss Delores, you still need your rest. Why don't you get back to bed? It's not good for you to constantly worry about everything."

"How can I stop worrying? I still don't know where my husband is. He hasn't called me or sent me a message yet," said Dolores, as she sobbed uncontrollably. After what she had seen yesterday, she figured out parts of the story when she calmed down.

The first clue came to her when she found out that all of a sudden Kerr had managed to come up with the money for her treatment.

She pondered whether the money might have been connected with those men who had come to see him yesterday.

Delores even thought about calling the police, but she couldn't find the right opportunity to do so. The nurses and doctors in the hospital made sure to keep her under constant surveillance.

Moreover, she was afraid that may be the men that took her husband away would hurt him if she spoke to the police.

The nurse gave up trying to comfort her. When she turned around to leave the ward, there were two people standing at the door. Caught by surprise, the nurse said, "Mr. Gu!"

"Get out," ordered Jacob.

"Yes, Mr. Gu."

The nurse left the ward hastily. Delores remembered the man's voice. When she turned around, Delores was surprised to see the man who took her husband away, accompanied by a graceful and beautiful woman.

Delores raised her voice, "Mr. Gu, where did you take my husband? Don't you know what you did is against the law?"

"Against the law?" Jacob sneered and continued coldly, "Your husband should be more worried about the law than anyone else."

"What do you mean?" asked Delores. Emily looked at the pale and sickly woman with disappointment. She frowned and said, "Your husband kidnapped a woman. That's how he got the five million for your treatment."

"That's impossible! Kerr would never do such a thing!" Delores couldn't believe what she had heard. All of a sudden her knees felt weak and her arms felt heavy.

She almost fell to the ground but somehow managed to keep her balance.

"Miss Delores, he did this for you. He had no choice," said Emily.

"It's all my fault. I will give back the money. Would you please let him go? He is not a bad man. He just did this for me. Please..." Delores pleaded.

Emily calmly explained the whole story to Delores, "I'll tell you this. The woman he kidnapped almost got raped by ten guys, and some of them had AIDS. You might think he's not a bad guy because he cares about you, but does that give him the excuse to hurt someone else for you?"

"By the way, I'm the woman he kidnapped."

"It was you!" Delores paused, and then she said, "But you are okay now, aren't you? Can't you forgive him? We can give back all the money. Will that be enough?"

Emily was dumbfounded by this woman's ridiculous reasoning and said, "Are you even capable of understanding what would happen to me if no one had come to my rescue? Do you know what I've had to experience because of your husband? Do you really think any amount of money can remedy that? Why should I forgive the man who tried to push me into that hell?"

Nobody in the world could understand how desperate and anguished Emily was then.

"How could you be so cold blooded?"
yelled Deloris. Delores refused to listen to reason anymore. She looked at Emily with resentment and said, "Can't you see how much we are suffering now? My husband and I have lost everything because of my cancer. Why can't you just show us a little sympathy?"

Isn't it a trick you rich people always like to play? Help the poor to gain good publicity?"

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