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Season 4

Episode 66

(Mess her up)

While Leona stared at Emily's pale face, she felt a disturbing sense of delight.

"Also, I'll record it all, like you did to me the other day. Then, I will upload the video to the Internet so that everyone can see what a worthless whore you are!

Oh, and I forget to mention, most of these guys have AIDS and most likely other venereal diseases. They wouldn't mind passing them to you as well. Have fun! Hahaha..." Leona's hysterical laughter echoed throughout the place.

After all, she had waited years for this day. How she longed to feel the excitement and satisfaction of toying with Emily!

Meanwhile, she had set up her camera and ordered those ape-like, strong men, "Go! Rip her clothes off!"

These men had already been drugged and were not in their senses. They had succumbed to their primal desires and were lusting for her body. They stared at Emily, like a pack of wolves eyeing their prey with drops of saliva dripping from their lips.

All the while, Jacob continued his relentless search for Emily.

Finally, after following the leads Emily's kidnapper had left behind, Jacob tracked him down to a hospital, where the kidnapper was accompanying his wife.

When he saw Jacob and the other men who had come to arrest him, he didn't look surprised at all, as if he had been expecting them.

The man's wife lay in bed, panicking at the sight of people who had surrounded her husband. "Who are you people? What are you doing here? Kerr, who are they..." she asked.

Kerr embraced his wife and kissed her forehead. "Don't worry. Everything will be fine. I just have some business to settle with these gentlemen. Just wait for me here..."

Before Kerr could finish his words, Jacob grabbed him by the collar and dragged him away with an undeniable murderous intent floating in his eyes. "Where did you take her?" he yelled each word, with an air of finality to them.

"Gentlemen, let's go outside and have a chat, shall we?" Kerr supplicated, which seemed like he didn't want to worry his wife. "I will tell you, but when we go outside..." he said to Jacob.

His wife seemed to have sensed what was going on. "Kerr..." she called out, with a pale look on her face, as if she didn't want him to leave her side.

However, Jacob was in no mood to play nice. He didn't have the time nor the patience to show the criminal any mercy.

If Kerr did not give Jacob the answers he was looking for, he wouldn't hesitate to end him then and there!

Jacob had Kerr pinned against the wall, as he drew his hand back and slammed his fist into Kerr's face, knocking out two of his teeth. "Tell me! Where is she?" Jacob growled.

Kerr was knocked to the ground with another blow to his stomach. Blood pooled into his mouth, as he spit out two bloody teeth, but he still maintained silence.

Having witnessed this occurring right before her eyes, Kerr's wife cried out in fear and fell down from the bed.

Staggered, she put herself in front of her husband to protect him and pleaded, "No! Please, don't hit my husband! Who the hell are you? What the hell do you want?"

"Get out of my way! Or you will regret it!"

Jacob threatened. In his desperation to find Emily, Jacob had abandoned his moral senses. Burning rage hissed through his body like deathly poison, begging for release in the form of violence.

Kerr took the woman in his arms immediately to protect her from Jacob.

He bit his teeth and threatened, "if you dare to touch one of her hair, I swear you won't see your woman again!"

He bit his teeth and threatened, "if you dare to touch one of her hair, I swear you won't see your woman again!"

Jacob clenched his fist so hard that his fingernails dug into his palms. "If you put her in any kind of danger, I will have you and your woman buried alive!"

Kerr's wife looked at him with confusion and asked, "Kerr! What have you done? What is he talking about?"

"Don't listen to anything he says. I will explain everything to you later," he answered. Kerr kissed her soothingly on the face, while turning to Jacob and said, "Give me five minutes. I will tell you everything. I promise!"

"Do you actually think that you're in a position to negotiate with me?" Jacob sneered, darkness circling in his eyes, like an abyss ready to devour entire worlds at his beckoning. "If you keep wasting my time, I wouldn't mind beating your woman to death in front of you!" he added.

Trembling with fear, the woman said, "You can't do this! We will call the police on you!"

Jacob, however, was at his limit. The moment he raised his hand, the bodyguards behind him rushed forward to apprehend Kerr!

The more time they wasted, the more dangerous Emily would be!

Like an ant that had no quarrel with a boot, Kerr was nothing compared to someone of Jacob's power.

Outnumbered and clearly overpowered, Kerr had his back against the wall!

"My love, just get some rest here. I will make everything clear to them..."

"Kerr, Kerr, don't leave me alone..." She kept begging Kerr because she had a strong feeling that if he left the room this time he might not be able to make it back.

In the end, she had no choice but to watch helplessly as they took him away against her wishes, right in front of her eyes.

With no time to waste, Jacob dragged him out of the room and started interrogating him. He glared at Kerr with sharp eyes and said, "Let me make it clear to you. I don't have time for your games."

Finally, far away from his wife's ward, Kerr was relieved that they did not force his wife to see him like that. He willingly confessed, "I needed money for my wife's operation, and a woman offered me a huge amount of money to kidnap the person you're looking for."

"Who the hell gave you money to carry out the kidnapping?" Jacob asserted, suppressing his anger as best as he could.

"I don't know," Kerr replied.

Even though Kerr did not give him any names, deep down Jacob knew that only Leona would be brave and foolish enough to do something like this.

Although, he wanted nothing more than to bury Kerr six feet under the ground, finding Emily was more important to him than satisfying his anger. As a result, he spared his life for now.

"You will pay for what you have done," Jacob said to Kerr, before he let go of his collar and walked away.

For some reason, Kerr seemed unfettered. "I know. I hope that you will find your woman as soon as possible," he said to Jacob, "I didn't have a choice when I decided to do it."

Since, he had already secured five millions dollars, which was enough to cover his wife's treatment, Kerr had no reason to be afraid of anything anymore.
Jacob turned around and said, "I won't let the people behind this get away so easily. You better hope that she is safe, or I won't hesitate to show you and your wife what it truly means to be miserable."

Jacob turned his head towards the ward with a pitiless glimmer in his eyes.

Afraid of his wife's security, Kerr changed his mind immediately and said, "I will cooperate with you to find the woman..."
Moments later, he told Jacob everything he knew.

Jacob had no time to bother him. His heart had been in fire because of anxiety. He couldn't hold his hurry, but all he could was not to think of a negative side.

Leona was a spiteful woman to say the least. After what Emily had done to her, there was no telling how far she would go to exact her revenge upon Emily.

'Damn it!' Jacob screamed in his heart. Immediately, he launched another blanket search, but at this rate, it would be facing a race against time.

On Emily's side.

Inside the abandoned warehouse, Emily was surrounded by ten strong men. Each with a pair of lascivious eyes nibbling at her delicate, soft body.

Faced with these men who had been drugged out of their basic human decency, Emily spotted the thirst in their eyes. Her hands scrambled behind her back looking for space as she kept moving backwards, until her back touched the cold surface of the wall.

By this time, she was starting to feel the effects of the medicine. Every nerve in her body and brain was electrified. Her face was stained with reddish hue, like beautiful ripe cherries, ready to by plucked.

"Don't get close to me!"

"Take it easy. We will bring you immense joy!" One of the men said, as he walked towards her, eating her up with his greedy eyes, "Perhaps after tonight, you'll be begging for more!"

Without further ado, they forced themselves upon Emily, tearing her clothes apart like vultures on a carrion.

One by one each button fell on the floor like drops of rain.

"Get your hands off me!" In the grip of panic, Emily's arms flapped around trying to push them away. She desperately struggled to get up, but it was of no use.
Compared to her mountainous attackers, she was but a fragile chicken.

Moreover, after they tied both her hands and feet, she was like a chicken on a chopping board waiting to be slaughtered.

All the while, Leona stood in the corner like a spectator, fiddling with the camera from time to time. She bathed in Emily's despair, shaking the walls with her laughter!

'Yes. That's it. This is what it feels like!

Why does that bitch always look so calm? Do you think you're an untouchable Angel from heaven?

Since everyone likes her so much, I am going to pull this so-called Angel down to the mire and make her dirty!

Then we'll see who still likes her. A whore tainted by wild animals!

Struggle! Cry! Despair!

This is just the beginning!' Leona mused, satisfied by the sight of Emily's distress.

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