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Season 4

Episode 64

(How much did she give you)

"I'm bound to say that you really love Emily very much," Magee sneered, as he let his eyes settle upon Jacob's face.

Then he raised a provocative question, "If I do as I wish and insist on pursuing her, what would you do to me? I have this strong urge to sleep with Emily and taste how sweet she is. After all, Jack and you were both crazy about her. She must have done a great job. I'm curious about her."

Just as the words fell from his lips, Jacob completely lost his temper and punched Magee in the face.

Magee didn't expect him to start the fight without saying a word. Since, he was unwilling to get caught by surprise again, he quickly hit Jacob back hard.

Jacob kicked Magee in the stomach, the whites in his eyes turned pure black, and as his iris glowered teal. For a villainous man like Magee, pleading with tactful words was useless. Jacob would rather give Magee a good fight to relieve his anger.

Both men were strong, fast and well adept at fighting. When they fought, each of their movements were calculated and purposeful. If there had been an audience on the scene, they would have gone about them. Unfortunately, it was just the two of them. As time went by, the fight became more vicious, and they started going at each other at full force.

Eventually, Jacob gained the upper hand. He pushed Magee on the ground and grabbed him by the throat. "Magee, Emily is my woman. She has nothing to do with the Gu clan," he said.

Magee spat out a mouthful of blood and sneered, "It's all the same for me.

Jim and I are sworn enemies. We were, we are, and will always be sworn enemies.

Sophistry can't alter history. And I won't fall for your sophistries." At this moment, Magee was no longer the gentleman from his usual disposition, as his eyes were glowing with bitter hatred.

Jacob looked down at him and said, "Magee, you big sissy! Jim screwed over your family, and in return, you only dare to take revenge on women. What else can you do? Nothing! To be honest, you are a loser!"

Jacob's high-minded mockery cut him to the quick. Magee stared at Jacob balefully, as if he would jump up and bite him in the neck at any moment. Gritting his teeth hard, he said, "Jacob, don't you dare say that again."

"Magee, you are a loser!" Jacob repeated.

Jacob loosened his tight grip from Magee's neck and picked up the car keys from the ground. He dusted his clothes and walked to his Maybach without even looking back at the bloody mess he had left behind.

Magee staggered to his feet, swaying a little. A sudden gush of pain jolted through his body, and his wounds began to burn like fire. It hurt to breathe, and he winced as he ran his hand over his ribs.

He predicted two, or perhaps, three broken ribs, courtesy of Jacob.

"Fuck! Jacob, you son of a bitch! Damn you to hell!" he screamed angrily.

Magee took out his cell phone and searched for a name on his contacts' list. When he saw Leona's name, he hesitated perceptibly and called his assistant. "Come pick me up now, I'm in..."

After hanging up the phone, Magee lay on the ground in a big zigzag shape, thinking of what Jacob had just said.

"Magee, you big sissy! Jim screwed over your family, and in return, you only dare to take revenge on women. What else can you do? Nothing!

To be honest, you are a loser!"

Magee's face gradually became gloomy. Jim had destroyed his family by taking his mother away from him and finally murdering her. They were separated from each other by death. Jim had taken away all his happiness. It was a deep-seated hatred. How could his hatred be written off by sleeping with the woman of the Gu clan?

'This is ridiculous! Jacob called me a loser. In truth, his own family was ruined and all of his relatives were killed. And it was also because of Jim. But he regards his enemy as his father. What a joke! How dare he criticize me? Damn it! I despise him from the bottom of my heart.'


A few days later, Emily suddenly noticed that Magee was no longer harassing her as he had done before. She guessed that he might have given up pursuing her, which gave her a sense of relief. Soon, she got back to her own life and dedicated herself to her work.

What she didn't know was that at this time, Magee had sent Jacob a text message, and the two men finally joined forces and presented a united front for the first time.

Meanwhile, Leona resigned from her post at Lin Jewelry. And in the following days, she could no longer live in its days of brilliance. Even if Emily didn't take revenge on her, she would have a miserable life.

Emily hired a new nanny to take care of Beryl, while some uneasiness still lurked in her mind. Zoe had poisoned her food and tried to kill her. It was horrible. What if she had poisoned Beryl as well? The mere thought of it shook her to her very core.

So now, after work, she would go home as early as possible and personally make dinner for Beryl.

It was the same today. Emily left the company early after assigning her job to her assistant.

When she arrived at the garage, she suddenly realized that something was wrong. She looked back instinctively but couldn't find anything out of the ordinary. She felt nervous and quickened her pace.

When she was walking to her car, she heard footsteps behind her, getting closer and closer. Her heart started pounding really hard.

This time, Emily did not look back, instead, she just ran quickly to her car. However, the person chasing behind her eventually caught up to her and pulled her hair back.

"Ah!" Emily cried out in pain, as she got dragged by the man. Shocked, she struggled to get his hands off her hair. "What are you doing? Let me go!" she yelled.

The kidnapper was a cold-faced man with an empty sack in his hand. He reached his hand out, trying to put it over her head.

Emily struggled harder and said, "Who hired you to catch me? What do you want? How much money did she pay you? If you let me go, I can pay you double!"

This ape-like man had massive arms, almost as big as Emily's head, while she was like a fragile twig in front of him.

"Don't touch me!" Emily quickly lowered her head and bit him on the back of his hand with all her strength.

"Fuck..." The man cursed, as the pain blazed up his arm. He let go of Emily immediately.

Emily took the opportunity to escape, but she only took one step before a hard slap fell on her face.

The man slapped her face so hard that Emily fell to the ground. Her cheek was swelling up and becoming red quickly.

The force of his blow blurred her vision and rang her ears pretty badly. The blood from her cut lip trickled over her chin.

At this moment, Emily knew clearly that this man's determination to take her away was unshakable.

Before Emily came back to her senses, the man hit her on the back of her head, knocking her unconscious in the next second.

The man looked at the unconscious woman on the ground with cold expression on his face. Suddenly, his cell phone rang. He took out it and answered, "Hello. I've got her. I'll bring her to you.

What about the money you promised to pay me?"

"Just bring her to me. You will get your money," the person on the other end of the line replied.

The man refused, "Pay first, or I won't do it."

An angry voice passed through the phone, "I said, just bring her to me first!"

"I will give you five seconds. If you don't transfer the money to my bank account, I'll quit and set this woman free."

"You… I'll pay you half now, and half after you deliver the woman!"

"Five million dollars. I want the full payment. If you keep dawdling, she's about to wake up..."

"The woman is in front of you now, right?" The person on the other end of the line gritted its teeth and compromised, "Okay, I will remit five million to you right away!"

The man hung up, wasting no more time. A few minutes later, he received a short message from the bank, showing that five million had been just wired into his bank account. His eyes lit up like Christmas lights.

'I've got money. As long as I have five million dollars, my wife can have that operation and go on living.

As for this woman on the ground... I'm sorry.

But I have to save my wife. To this end, I can do anything, ' he thought.

The man looked coldly at Emily, who was still lying unconscious on the ground.

He stuffed her in the sack, as if he were loading goods. Afterwards, he took out a bag of cotton from the back seat of the car and stuffed it in the sack, covering Emily's body. Then he put her in the car and drove away.

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