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Season 4

Episode 63

Don't hurt her even one hair)

"Bitch! Who are you calling old women?"

These middle-aged women were so outraged by Leona, their face contorted with venomous outburst at the sight of her. They continued their relentless assault on Leona. "Shut your whore mouth, you bitch!"

"Let me go!" Helpless and outnumbered, Leona failed to defend herself against their attacks. All the while, the reporters who stood by and took pictures of her didn't even try to help her.

By the time they were finished with her, Leona was a bloody mess. Her once beautiful hair, now looked like a wild jungle on her head, unkempt and untamed. Already her eyes were swollen over and bloody spit drooled from her slack jaws.

"Bang!" Someone threw a rotten egg on her face. The shell cracked on impact, and the gooey, liquid slipped down her cheeks, pungent and disgusting.

The women who were just physically abusing her, now switched to throwing rotten eggs at Leona. "Bitch! Why do you close your eyes? Just open your eyes! Open your eyes and look at yourself.

These rotten eggs are all that you deserve! You look like a dirty rat from the gutter. You want to marry Magee? Hah! How absurd!

Luckily, Mr. Lin has seen your true colors. If he had married you, he would have to spend the rest of his life living in shame."

Countless, vile and abusive words filled Leona's ears, and gradually became a singular humming sound. She had a sickening sense of deja vu, and memories from the distant past came to her mind.

She once purposefully put Emily through a similar experience.

This must be Emily's revenge on her!

What a bitch!

Suddenly, Leona started panicking when she remembered that she also arranged for someone to throw sulfuric acid at Emily, which luckily for Emily, ended in failure.

If Emily was behind everything that was happening to her now, then the next thing to follow was...

Alll of a sudden, the blood from her face drained, leaving her pale-faced.

She struggled and desperately tried to get away from everyone around her.

There was nothing to stop someone from throwing sulfuric acid at her, so she had to flee. She wasn't going to sit back and take a chance on that.

"How dare you push me!" One of middle-aged women ruthlessly pulled at Leona's hair again! Frenzied, Leona bit her on the wrist, trying to escape from her hold. "Ah!" the woman cried out in pain.

Taking advantage of this small window of opportunity, Leona finally found a gap and made a run for it. She desperately ran towards an expensive car parked not too far away.

When she came close to the car, she saw the face of a man sitting calmly inside, watching as the mob beat her to a pulp.

Stunned, her eyes widened, and she said, "Magee, why did you do this to me?"

Although, he had been watching her getting assaulted and humiliated in public, he just sat there in the car like a robot, without any feelings.

Why... Why would he do this to her?

Was he just pretending to be good to her all this time? She didn't know what to believe anymore.

"I think you know the reason, don't you?" said Magee. With a look of indifference on his face, he treated her like a lowlife.

Smiling sarcastically, he said, "Tsk, Oh, how the mighty have fallen! You got yourself into this mess, now you get yourself out of it."

Leona gazed deeply at Magee, before looking down at herself.

Once they were so close it was almost as if they were cut from the same cloth, but now they looked like they were from two different worlds.

"Why..." Leona murmured and watched helplessly as Magee's car drove off and disappeared into the horizon.

Once his pleasant voice used to soothe and ease her troubles away.

Now, she was left all alone. Abandoned in her empire of dirt.

Why? The truth was staring her right in the face, but she was too stubborn to accept it.

The truth was, she was just a tool for Magee to please Emily.

It was clear to her now that Magee's main goal was that bitch!

Everything changed since Emily came back to Country Z, and again she had lost everything she treasured most.

Emily, Emily... She muttered her name, repeatedly. Leona's hatred of Emily was nothing but a transformation of her own shame and insecurities.


Inside the car, Magee held his phone close to his ear and said playfully, "Miss Lu, are you satisfied with everything that's happened to Leona?"

Emily paused for a short while and said, "What you have done to her is none of my business."

"Miss Lu, I did it all for you. Aren't you happy?"

"Mr. Lin, What on earth do you want from me?"

Emily knew that Magee helped to fuel and push Leona's miserable situation, but she had no idea what his motives behind his actions were.

"Miss Lu, can't you tell yet? We are all grown-ups here." Magee chuckled, "I'm just trying to show my affection for you. I want to pursue you."

"Really? I am sorry but I'm already taken." Emily answered.

"You never know. And even if you are married, I will still pursue you persistently," said Magee.

Rendered speechless, Emily pursed her lips for some time. She was curious to know what attracted Magee to her. Or was it all part of another giant conspiracy?

Emily had always been alert and wary of Magee.

"Beep" A shrill sound came from the phone. Before Emily had time to say something, Magee said, "Miss Lu, I've got some business to deal with, and next time I hope you will not hang up on me. Besides, I'd like to have dinner with you."

Emily hung up the phone impatiently. Meanwhile, Magee, who was looking out the window of his car, saw a Maybach driving almost abreast his. He narrowed his eyes slightly and said to the driver, "Stop the car. I'm taking the wheels." "Yes, sir."

Magee got out of the car as soon as it came to a stop and sat on the driver's seat. Without wasting another second, he turned the ignition and pressed on the accelerator.

The black coloured Maybach was trailing behind Magee's car in hot pursuit.

Magee looked at the expression of the man sitting inside the Maybach through his rear-view mirror and said under his breath, "Interesting."

Before long he found himself in trouble.
The Maybach rammed into the back of his car and sent his car spinning out of control towards the side of the road.

Magee quickly turned the steering wheel, brought his car back on track and continued rushing forward.

The two cars snaked through the road like speeding bullets, colliding and bumping into each other. The fight didn't stop until Magee's car was driven to a dead end by the Maybach.

Magee was sickly pale when he got out of the car, but he forced himself from vomiting for the sake of his face.

Pretending to be calm, Magee walked up to the Maybach and said, "Jacob, long time no see."

At the same time, Jacob got out of his car with an icy, cold expression on his face, as if he was covered in a layer of frost. "Hello, Magee." he said.

"What is this about?" Magee asked, with a smile on his face.

Jacob's eyes swept across him like a blade, cold as ice. "I warned you not to touch even a single hair on her body," he said.


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