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Season 4

Episode 62

(I'll smash you into pieces)

Magee smiled with satisfaction and said, "Wait, everyone, my engagement party is not over yet. I hope that all of you will send your best and sincere wishes to us."

Magee's words left the audience in disarray. Everyone in the hall stared at him with confusion, wondering what he meant by that.

'Wait, what? The engagement party will go on? That is ridiculous! How can this engagement party go on? Or did he mean that Leona just left to change her clothes?

No, that's not possible!'

The guests rejected this notion as soon as they remembered that Magee already formally called off his engagement to Leona. But the real question was, who would then be the hostess of the party?

A few rich, young ladies among the guests couldn't help wishfully thinking, 'Will he just pick me to be his fiancee?

No way! I am going to be the hostess of the party! I couldn't be luckier!' Their faces went red as they thought so. Some even covered their faces with their hands to conceal their happiness and excitement.

However, their dreams went up in flames when they saw what happened next.

Magee turned around to look at Emily affectionately. Then he walked down the stage and handed a bouquet of roses to her. "Miss Cloris, will you marry me?"

Magee got down on his knees and proposed.

Things changed so rapidly that the guests thought that they were watching a movie. One moment the guests were left speechless, and in the next they were in an uproar.

When they started to put the puzzle pieces together, they realized what was happening and locked their gaze towards the woman Magee was walking to. With their curiosity piqued, they scrambled to see who had such charm to make Magee announce his proposal as soon as he called off his engagement to Leona. Once again, Emily was back in the spotlight.

"Wow! It's Miss Cloris!"

The guests found it hard to believe at first, but after further consideration, everything made perfect sense to them.

Miss Cloris was not only gorgeous, she was graceful as well, and most importantly, she was born and raised in a rich and prestigious family. The pair was well-matched.

Magee's sudden proposal shocked not only the guests, but also Emily. She never expected that Magee would propose to her. 'Why is he doing this?' Emily thought in confusion, 'What exactly are his intentions?' Emily was certain that love wasn't the motivation behind Magee's actions, but for the life of her, she couldn't figure out what he wanted to accomplish by doing this.

"I'm so sorry, Mr. Magee," Emily rejected his proposal as she raised her hands to show her wedding ring, "I'm already married."

This was better than any movie the guests could have hoped to see. They gasped collectively, when Miss Cloris rejected Mr. Magee's proposal!

Miss Cloris Lu was already married! This news would definitely be on the front page of every newspaper and magazines tomorrow! The guests learned many things from today's party. 'Although the party didn't go as planned, the drama and suspense made up for everything else today, ' some of them thought with amusement.

However, those who viewed Emily as the woman of their dreams, felt deeply disappointed when they found out that she was already married.

"Well, that's such a pity," Magee sighed, pretending to look disappointed. He leaned close to Emily and whispered in her ears, "Miss Cloris, you don't have to lie to me. I am just as good as Jacob is."
"Mr. Magee, a heartless man like you is not really my type," Emily sneered, "You'd better be careful of what you say about me. It's not funny at all. By the way, don't forget to let me know what you want me to do. I won't wait for long," he said.

Soon after, Emily left the party with a wide smile on her face. Although, Leona was not a good person and she had done many disgraceful things to other people, she stayed by Magee's side and loved him for four years. In consideration to that, the fact that Magee discarded Leona without hesitation showed that he was a remorseless person.

However, if not for him, Emily wouldn't have been able to execute her revenge upon Leona so easily. But the fact that her plan went on so smoothly also made her feel a little uneasy.

Meanwhile, Leona got being dragged out of the hall by the security guards.

She resisted and clutched onto the door handle tightly. Somehow she was still hoping that Magee would come and free her, but when she saw him getting down on one knee and proposing to Emily, all hopes within her had died in an instant.

She hated Emily! She hated Emily for taking away everything from her!

'That bitch always steals everyone away from me! She even stole Magee's proposal from me!

Why? Why is she able to capture every rich man's heart?

Why did Magee give me up so easily for that bitch?

No! I will not give up! Never! I'll drag her down to hell with me if that's that last thing I could do!' Leona thought angrily.

She held onto the door handle and didn't let go even though her fingernails broke and her fingers started to bleed profusely. In the end she unwillingly had to let go when both security guards used their full force to yank her and throw her out of the hotel.

Once again, Leona fell from the pearly heights of Heaven and straight to the darkest pits of Hell. She was so close to her dream, but it was all taken away from her in the blink of an eye. Yet in her time of deep contemplation, not once did she think that perhaps her downfall was caused by her own bad choices, instead she blamed Emily for all of her misfortunes.

The very next morning, just as expected, all the media outlets wrote about what went down at the engagement party in the front pages of all the newspapers and magazines.

The media outlets even boldly described everything in details when they found that Magee, the victim of Leona's adultery, had no intentions of censoring these news.

As a result, within one day, all the citizens in Jingshi City found out that Leona had committed adultery on several occasions with countless men, and the photos of her shameful behavior were displayed on a giant screen at her own engagement party. When Magee broke up with her, she went berserk and started acting like a mad person.

As if that weren't bad enough, perhaps in order to get revenge on Leona, Magee proposed to Cloris, who was at the party to congratulate them, soon after he broke up with his fiancee. Moreover, what was more amazing was the fact that Miss Cloris was already married so she had to turn down Magee's proposal for marriage.

The media outlets had to spend a whole page to report this complicated event in details. Their writing depicted a play of the love and hatred between the rich and famous. The citizens read the magazines and newspapers with relish.

The event also became a major hit with everyone in Jingshi City, who would talk about it over a meal or at tea time.

Many people hurled criticisms and abuse at Leona on the Internet.

"Everyone knows that Leona is extremely good at seducing rich men. She rode to success on the coattails of the rich men she enticed. How else could she succeed in becoming popular so quickly and easily?" One of the netizens commented.

"Wasn't she satisfied with Magee on her side? Magee is a rich and reputable man. Leona is devoid of shame! She's had many affairs with men, and I've heard that most of them were married."

Another netizen commented.

"Rumour has it that some people took photos of those pictures on the slideshow. I cannot find any on the Internet now. Can anyone kindly share them with me?" A man teased on the Internet.

"I think this bitch is used to seducing married men. Do you know that Leona is not her real name? From what I've heard, Mr. Magee saved her life from an accident. She was able to make it out alive, but she suffered from severe memory loss and forgot everything about her past, so she started a new life with the name 'Leona Lin'. Damn! That's really shocking! Do you still remember the woman named Rose Xu from four years ago? I think Leona closely resembles her..." Someone even guessed Leona's real identity.

More and more people banded together to revile Leona. The event also became a hit on the Internet.

Leona tried everything she could to censor these news, but she failed to do it on her own because without Magee backing her she did not have any real influence. Feeling helpless, she thought of Magee. Leona believed that Magee was the only one who could, and would help her.

Unfortunately, every time she tried calling him, Magee cut all her phone calls. Having no other choices left, she decided to go to his house and find him.

However, as soon as she walked out of her house, she was besieged by a crowd of journalists.

"Miss Leona! Sources say that someone disclosed your adulterous pictures on your engagement party. Could you comment on that in details?" One journalist shoved a microphone to her face and asked her.

"Miss Leona, is it true that you've gained success by committing adultery with rich men?" Another journalist followed.

"How did you feel when Mr. Magee broke up with you in front of all the people? Did you feel regretful? Care to comment on that?" Another journalist asked.

The journalists bombarded her with countless questions, and the cameramen kept taking photos of her.

The continuous sound of camera shutters and bright flashlights made Leona felt intimidated and embarrassed.
"Move out of my way! Stay away from me!" Leona screamed at them all, as she pushed and shoved, trying to get away from them.

But she had underestimated the patience of those journalists. Having waited outside her house for such a long time, they weren't going to let go of her so easily unless she gave them something juicy to write about. While Leona was pushing against the other journalists, a few well-dressed, middle-aged women rushed towards her angrily.

"You are the bitch who seduced my husband? You whore! Do you know who I am?" One woman squeezed into the crowd and yanked Leona's hair, trying to drag her out from the crowd."Damn you, whore! I will teach you a lesson right here, right now!" the woman raged indignantly.

Soon, the other women followed her.

They tore Leona's clothes and started to hit her. "Who do you think you are? Do you think you are beautiful? If you come near my husband again, I will smash you into pieces!" Another woman threatened, as she delivered one blow after another.

"Why are you covering your face? Are you trying to protect your face? Then I'll scratch your disgusting face and scar you!" Another woman cursed furiously.

Although most of these women were from prestigious families and were well-educated, when they gathered together to fight the same enemy, they went totally crazy. Even the journalists didn't fare well against them. The women pulled her hair so hard that Leona thought that her skull was going to split open. She clutched her head and cried in pain.

"Let go of me! Don't touch me!" Leona pleaded while she struggled to free herself. But she was no match for those women. "Did you hear me, you crazy, old woman!" Leona exclaimed.

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