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Season 10

Episode 72

(Scared of Losing You (3)

“I don’t know why, but the cameras have been broken since 10 AM this morning, so we don’t have a recording of Dr. Huo’s office during that period of time.”

“Is it a coincidence?” Director Li was now almost certain that something was wrong.

“What should we do now, Chief? Did something happen to Dr. Huo?” Huo Mian’s assistant was so worried that she was about to burst out in tears.

She had been a nurse for so long but never saw a doctor disappear. It was too weird.

“Call the police, I have a feeling that… something’s off,” Director Li pushed her glasses up and said in all seriousness.

“Usually, the police won’t do anything… unless a person’s been missing for at least 24 hours,” Director Li’s assistant reminded her.

“That’s not the same. Dr. Huo is someone of special status. The police won’t sit there and do nothing. You, call 911,” then, Director Li looked at Huo Mian’s assistant and asked, “You, go to GK Headquarters and let Huo Mian’s husband, Qin Chu know.”

“Will do, Director Li.”

– At GK Headquarters –

GK had been going over 3D setting photos for the corporation’s New Year Gala. Since GK was a conglomerate, the entire city watched over every single move they made. Every year, other competing companies would fight to imitate the incentives, guests, and theme of his company’s New Year Gala.

Therefore, no mistakes could be made…

Qin Chu’s right eyelid began twitching an hour ago…

Folklore has it that good things happen when the left eye twitches, while bad things happen when the right eye twitches.

He felt like something bad was coming his way…

He wasn’t a superstitious man, but for some reason, he felt anxious.

Therefore, his fingers moved away from his mouse and he proceeded to send Huo Mian a WeChat message.

“Honey, are you busy? Have you had lunch yet?”

Upon seeing no reply, he called her anxiously.

“I’m sorry, the phone of the subscriber you dialed is powered off, please call again later.”

“Her phone’s off?” Qin Chu raised an eyebrow as his expression became grim.

Huo Mian rarely turned off her phone during the day, and her assistant would help her charge it if it ran out of battery.

Unless something out of the blue happened. Therefore, he picked up his phone again and called the landline in Huo Mian’s office, but still, no one picked up.

“Is she at lunch? Is she charging her phone?” Qin Chu tried to console himself.

Just then, a series of rushed knocking sounds came from his office door…

“Come in.”

“President Qin, Young Madam’s assistant from South Side is here to see you. She said it’s an emergency,” Yang opened the door and said.

“Tell her to come in.”

The sinking feeling in Qin Chu’s gut was now more obvious than ever; Huo Mian’s assistant at South Side was here – did that mean something happened to her?

The more he thought about it, the more unsettled he became…

“Hi, President Qin, I’m Ning, Dr. Huo’s assistant. Director Li told me to tell you that Dr. Huo… is missing.”

“Missing? What’s that mean?” Qin Chu’s brain went into overdrive; as expected, something bad happened.

“Dr. Huo disappeared from the hospital, we looked everywhere but couldn’t find her. The surveillance cameras broke as well, and Director Li said that something must’ve happened to her. The hospital already called 911, and Director Li told me to come to tell you.”

“When did this happen?” Qin Chu asked with a stern expression on his face.

“A little over an hour ago.”

“Did she see anyone suspicious before she disappeared?” Qin Chu asked calmly.

“Here’s what happened, President Qin… Dr. Huo was seeing a male patient at the time…” Then, the assistant told Qin Chu what happened…

Upon hearing everything, Qin Chu was silent for a while, deep in thought…

He tried to find clues in what happened. Finally, he slowly looked up and asked her, “Do you remember what the last patient Dr. Huo saw looked like?”

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