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Season 10

Episode 79

(Scared of Losing You (10)

Qin Chu held the dagger quietly but didn’t move…

The scar-faced man sneered, “Let go of the rope.”

Then, with a ‘swoop’, Huo Mian fell from midair and plummeted right into that tin bucket filled with icy water.

She choked, feeling as if she was about to suffocate…

“Don’t touch her!” Going crazy, Qin Chu wanted to run up to her.

However, the scar-faced man’s lackeys ran up to grab him…

“So… you should really consider stabbing yourself, or else… your wife might become a water ghost,” the man smiled hideously…

Without another word, Qin Chu immediately turned over the dagger, pushing it right into his chest…

Blood immediately spewed everywhere…

Huo Mian was struggling in the water bucket, so she didn’t see that soul-stirring moment.

Or else, she might have died from heartache…

“Bring her up,” satisfied with Qin Chu’s admission of defeat, the scar-faced man ordered his lackeys.

Someone then tugged on the rope and pulled Huo Mian up from the bucket.

Her entire body was drenched by the icy water…

Water ran down from her hair, dripping and dropping…

When Huo Mian opened her eyes to see Qin Chu, she felt so much pain inside her that she couldn’t breathe…

Qin Chu was holding a dagger in his hand, which had pierced into his chest… However, he didn’t fall over and was still standing up straight.

Huo Mian felt the pain Qin Chu was in; he was hurting, and so was she.

“Let go… of my wife,” Qin Chu said weakly.

The scar-faced man clapped his hands together. “Not bad, you are a real man.”

This man had kidnapped many people in his life, but no man was willing to do something like that for their wife.

Qin Chu, on the other hand, stabbed himself in the chest to save Huo Mian… It wasn’t as simple as a skin injury.

“You scumbags, bastards… just f*cking kill us and get it over with, don’t play tricks… You’ll pay for what you did today!”

Huo Mian rarely swore in verbal confrontations, because she didn’t see the point.

However, today she couldn’t help but curse at the scar-faced man and his lackeys.

“What’s the rush? I will let you guys die together, don’t worry.”

“I did everything you told me to, let her down. Be a man of your words,” Qin Chu turned his attention back onto the man and said coldly.

“Let her down.”

He kept his promise; he knew that with so many people here, Huo Mian and Qin Chu wouldn’t even be able to leave even if they tried.

After his men put Huo Mian down, Qin Chu immediately rushed up to her and held her in his arms.

“Honey… I’m sorry,” Qin Chu said as he heartbreakingly hugged her.

“Are you an idiot? Why did you come when you didn’t even hear my voice? What if it was a trap?” Huo Mian couldn’t stop crying.

She was surprised that although she didn’t make a sound, Qin Chu still decided to come.

“I didn’t want to risk it, I can’t afford to risk it.” Qin Chu held her head and brushed her forehead against his lips.

The dagger was still planted in his chest…

“What a loving couple, too bad… You’re both going to die now,” the voice of a woman suddenly sounded.

She walked in from the other end of the factory, with a big, tall bodyguard behind her.

Qin Chu and Huo Mian glanced at her, and both of them immediately recognized who she was.

She was Zhou Guanghui, Zhou Guangming’s sister. After what happened to the Zhou Family, Qin Chu chased them out of C City.

To their surprise, however, she came back…

“Haha… are you surprised to see me?” Zhou Guanghui was wearing a miniskirt with black tights, along with a short white fur coat.

The truth was, she was pretty, and she even once tried to seduce Qin Chu. However, the latter wasn’t interested.

“It’s you,” Qin Chu said indifferently.

“Haha, I bet you guys never thought that I would climb back up so fast… Let me tell you, I’ve been waiting for today for a very long time. You bastards ruined my family… I wanted to kill you, every day… and finally, that day has come, hahaha.” Zhou Guanghui laughed arrogantly.

She was obviously possessed by hatred…

Huo Mian suddenly understood why Rick said that Qin Chu was too soft-hearted and kind.

She also understood why Huo Siqian didn’t like to leave loose ends because those people could come back to bite him in the ass.

Back then, when the Zhous plummeted, Qin Chu spared the rest of Zhou Guangming’s family. However, they quickly rebuilt and are now trying to hurt them.

One saying was right –’showing mercy to your enemies was equivalent to being cruel to yourself’.

Zhou Guanghui took a gun from her bodyguard and slowly walked up to Qin Chu and Huo Mian.

Then, she pointed her gun at Qin Chu’s head. “Tell me, who do you think should die first?”


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