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Season 10

Episode 81

(She Had Always Been So Strong (2)

Huo Mian suddenly pushed Zhou Guanghui aside with all her might and ran up to Qin Chu like crazy.

She hugged Qin Chu as tears blurred her eyesight; at that moment, she couldn’t see anything or anyone else…

The scar-faced man raised his gun again and aimed it at Huo Mian.

‘Bang, Bang, Bang!’ This time, it was Gao Ran’s gun…

As soon as he arrived, he saw Huo Mian wailing as Qin Chu laid in her arms…

Lying there unconscious, there was a dagger in Qin Chu’s chest, and his face was as white as a ghost…

The scar-faced man on the ground had his handgun pointed at Huo Mian’s back.

She had no intention of running away; she knew that if something happened to Qin Chu, she wouldn’t be able to survive.

Therefore, Gao Ran didn’t have much time to think and made three shots at the scar-faced man, killing him on the spot…

Then, the police ran up to them and arrested all her kidnappers…

“Hurry, get Qin Chu onto the ambulance.” Gao Ran saw the situation and immediately waved his hands at the paramedics, who ran up to them to lift Qin Chu up. However, Huo Mian refused to let go of her husband.

She hugged him tightly and sat there, unmoving…

“Miss, we need to carry him onto the ambulance…”

“No one touches him, none of you can touch him!” Huo Mian’s voice was completely hoarse from crying.

Her brain had already lost the ability to think normally…

“Huo Mian… don’t be nervous, we’re trying to save him. He’s in danger if we don’t treat him on time…”

Then, Gao Ran stopped, unwilling to finish his sentence.

He walked up to Huo Mian and pulled her off to the side. Then, he gestured at the paramedics.

Two men immediately helped Qin Chu up onto the ambulance.

Just then, while Gao Ran wasn’t paying attention, Huo Mian suddenly snatched Gao Ran’s gun from his hands.

“Huo Mian!” Gao Ran wasn’t fast enough; Huo Mian aimed the gun at Zhou Guanghui, and immediately fired a shot at her…

She had never had training before, so her aim was off. Instead of hitting Zhou Guanghui’s heart, the bullet went into her abdomen…

“Huo Mian… don’t be impulsive, stop!” Gao Ran rushed up to Huo Mian and held her down.

Shooting in front of the police was absolutely not allowed…

For one, the criminals had already been arrested; once they were put on trial, they would be convicted.

Two, Huo Mian wasn’t a police officer and didn’t have the right to shoot others. Therefore, what she did was illegal.

However, she couldn’t think anymore; she acted crazily while Gao Ran wasn’t paying attention.

Gao Ran blocked her from running up to Zhou Guanghui again; she felt like she was going crazy, and all her rationality had vanished into thin air…

In the end, he had no choice but to hit the back of her neck, immediately knocking Huo Mian unconsciousness…

“Take them all back to the bureau,” Gao Ran ordered.

“Captain, what about that injured woman? We only have one ambulance, and President and Mrs. Qin are already on it.”

Gao Ran glanced at Zhou Guanghui, who was shot by Huo Mian…

She covered her hands over her bleeding abdomen…

Although Huo Mian failed to make a lethal shot, she was still in complete agony…

If she didn’t receive treatment, she will bleed out, sooner or later.

“Ignore her, let Jesus decide her fate,” Gao Ran said icily.

“As a police officer, how can you not save me… What happened to human rights? I may be a criminal, but without a conviction, you’re obligated to save me.” Zhou Guanghui received higher education and at least knew something about laws.

Gao Ran turned around and glared at her, “Human rights are for humans, and you… are not human… You’re just an animal, even if you don’t die now, you’ll still be sentenced to a death penalty. Even if I save you now, hell will still be waiting for you on the other end.”

For the first time in Gao Ran’s life, he didn’t deal with an incident from a police officer’s perspective…

Rather, at this moment, he was Qin Chu and Huo Mian’s friend…

If it weren’t for all the people around him, he would’ve shot Zhou Guanghui to death a long time ago.

The ambulance headed straight to South Side.

The First Hospital was located downtown, and if they were stuck in traffic, it would waste a lot of time. To Qin Chu, time was of the essence.

Gao Ran made the executive decision to leave the freeway and send the two of them right to South Side Recuperation Center.

As soon as they arrived, the couple was pushed into the emergency room.

Upon hearing what happened, Huo Siqian and Su Yu immediately arrived, and soon, so did Wei Liao and Jiang Xiaowei… They all stood outside the emergency room, filling the hallway with people.

“What happened? How’s Huo Mian?” Su Yu was anxious.

“Qin Chu was shot, and Huo Mian… was also badly injured. They are receiving emergency treatment as we speak.” Gao Ran’s tone was filled with sorrow.

Su Yu’s face turned green as he leaned back on the wall…

Huo Siqian, on the other hand, looked down and didn’t say anything… a dreadful aura filled the hallway.


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