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Season 10

Episode 69

(Too Many People Want You Dead (10)

“No, use mine,” Gao Ran insisted.

The two of them stood there at an impasse until a sensible female employee took Gao Ran’s ICBC bank card; that was his salary card.

“I’ll take yours, sir.” The female employee smiled and took Gao Ran’s card from him.

Damn it… Zhu Lingling felt incredibly awkward.

“Ahem… stupid cop, I really didn’t want you to pay. You already spent 700 during lunch today, those two rich a$$holes left right after lunch. I’m speechless… I feel bad for us normal folks,” Zhu Lingling complained about Huo Mian and Qin in a comical way.

Gao Ran looked down and laughed, “It’s okay, I’ll make sure to visit his mansion some time and steal a bottle of his wine. A bottle of his wine is worth my year’s salary.”

“I know how little you earn, can you not pretend to be rich?”

“It’s okay, it’s just 10,000 yuan. Ahem… It’s two months of my salary.” Gao Ran was embarrassed to tell her how little he earned.

He was the captain of the criminal police unit, but only earned a little over 5000 yuan each month… public servants seemed to have it all, but their salaries were truly pathetic.

If Zhu Lingling flew long-distance flights, she made more than 20,000 a month.

All in all, the flight attendant made much more than the public servant.

“Gosh, I feel bad for you. You can’t pay for this… all it’s going to cost is half a month of my salary, I can afford it.” Then, Zhu Lingling turned around to head towards the cashier.

However, Gao Ran pulled her back by her collar.

“Chill, I never get to buy you anything, just take it, okay? I’m cheap, so who knows when I’ll buy you another gift?”

Zhu Lingling felt like she was walking on air upon hearing what Gao Ran said…

The truth was Gao Ran wasn’t cheap, and he came from an extremely wealthy family.

However, he lived very stringently, and since most of his colleagues were from modest backgrounds, he never pretended to be above them all.

He could easily live off his salary since he lived and ate at home. Plus, the bureau offered allowances.

Therefore, he barely ever spent his own money and had plenty left to buy Zhu Lingling a wallet.

Afterward, they walked out from the shop and got onto Gao Ran’s Jaguar.

“You have work tomorrow, right? I’ll drive you home,” Gao Ran said.

“It’s so early…” Zhu Lingling was a little disappointed.

“What else do you want to do? Go to an inn with me?” Gao Ran teased her as he laughed.

“Screw you… I wasn’t actually going to go with you, I was trying to piss them off on purpose.”

“But Qin Chu ended up playing us dead…” Gao Ran exclaimed.

“Yup, not only is Mr. Qin arrogant, but he’s also secretly a pervert. Only someone as smart as Huo Mian can deal with him. I would never be able to catch up with his brain.”

“Yeah, for some reason those weirdos ended up together.” Gao Ran vented out his anger at them.

“Hahaha…” Zhu Lingling burst out in laughter.

When Gao Ran started his car, he casually put his hand on the gear, accidentally brushing Zhu Lingling’s…

Sparks flew all over the place as their skin made contact…

Zhu Lingling felt like something burned her, making her so nervous that she immediately shirked her hand.

Gao Ran, feeling awkward, immediately put his hand on the steering wheel.

The atmosphere immediately turned awkward; Zhu Lingling looked out the car window and changed the topic, just like Huo Mian usually did. “It’s snowing, the snowflakes are really pretty.”

Gao Ran quietly nodded. “Yup, there are many kinds of snowflakes.”

“Yeah?” Zhu Lingling asked.

“Yeah, hard snowflakes, soft snowflakes, big snowflakes, little snowflakes… and don’t forget, the snowflakes that fall off your hair after a few days without washing it.”

“Gao Ran, you douchebag!” Zhu Lingling cursed out furiously.

It could’ve been a romantic moment, but Gao Ran completely ruined things with his stupid humor…

“I can’t believe you’re the captain of the criminal police unit. I’d rather believe that monkeys sent you here to make a fool out of yourself.” Zhu Lingling poked fun at him.

Late night…

Inside an abandoned factory by the city outskirts, a middle-aged man with a knife scar on his face stared at a photo of a beautiful woman wearing a white lab coat and black-rimmed glasses.

“You’re pretty and you’re young. Too bad… too many people want you dead,” he sneered.


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