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Season 10

Episode 51

( I Will Take the Heat for You (2)

Qin Chu gave the female director a cold sneer and asked, “I know how much the pressure the marketing department endures, that’s why the employees in their department get paid much more than the others. Don’t think for a second that just because you’re in the administrative department, you don’t have other things to do. For the 30th anniversary party, if the public relations department didn’t help you out, do you really think you could’ve handled it? For the year-end party, I’m giving the job solely to your department. You still have less than 20 days to prepare. If the results fail to meet my standards, you will be held responsible.”

“President Qin…” The female director wanted to slap herself. Why didn’t she stay quiet?

Now that the president was all fired up, she was dragged into the situation as well.

The year-end party was no cake-walk, and 20 days was not really enough…

“Does anyone else have something to say?” Qin Chu asked coldly.

“President Qin… after Director Jiang Linyue left our department, our results have been steadily declining. Back when Director Jiang was here, at least three out of ten designs were passed, but last time, none of the 20 designs we submitted passed. I think that we should bring Director Jiang back. I’ve spoken to her personally. She also feels that she’s not suitable as the general manager of our branch in T City. I hope that President Qin can consider the big picture.” The speaker was a manager who worked in the design department. He was a former employee underneath Jiang Linyue. After her departure, he truly struggled to manage the department, leading him to make such a brave request.

Qin Chu watched him calmly and asked, “You’re so reliant on Director Jiang. What if she quit? What will you do then? Will you ask me to bring her back?”

“No… President Qin, that’s not what I meant.”

“Instead of elevating your own skills, you rely on an employee that already left… I wanted to give you a chance but clearly, you’re not up to it. From now on, you can return to your original position. I will appoint a new director for the designs department. I hope you all remember this, GK was not built by a single person; it was always a team effort. No matter who works here, GK will always survive, but not all companies will give you chances like GK does.”

“President Qin… I’m only saying this because I want the company to do better. I just think that Director Jiang is very capable.” The man looked like he was about to cry.

“I can see who’s doing well and poorly in the company. I will not keep useless people around but I will definitely keep talent when I recognize it. How I delegate people is my business, I don’t need you to teach me… If you have the time to worry about that, why don’t you reflect on your own work? Find a way to produce better designs instead of seeking outside help.”

Not only did Qin Chu take away the director of design’s position, but he also scolded the other company executives as well…

The director of designs slowly looked down, feeling first-handed the wrath that was Qin Chu’s sharp tongue.

The room fell into silence…

“Any other questions?” Qin Chu stood up and fixed the cuffs on his black suit.

Everyone remained silent…

“Sir, the sales department has yet to receive their bonuses for this month. Should it… be dispersed along with their salaries this month? Or should we wait until next month or the end of the year?” The speaker this time was Assistant Yang.

Back when Qin Chu’s father was the president, the rules were different. Due to the sales department’s high bonuses, they were usually calculated every three to six months. Now that Qin Chu was president, it was calculated monthly. However, because of President Qin’s recent low mood, the sales director steered away from bringing this up. He was smart enough to only complain to Assistant Yang about the matter.

So when Assistant Yang suddenly remembered this, he raised the concern, unintentionally scaring the crap out of the sales director.

At the sound of Assistant Yang’s voice, the male director from sales jumped up and declared, “President Qin, don’t worry. We can wait. It’s no big deal. The company is currently going through hard times. Everyone understands, and we’re not in a hurry.”


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