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Season 10

Episode 90

(Huo Mian’s a Crybaby (1)

After a while, Dr. Feng slowly looked up and glanced at the others before his gaze finally stopped on Huo Mian’s face.

“To tell you the truth, this surgery is highly risky,” Dr. Feng said with a heavy tone.

“What’s… the success rate?” Huo Mian asked, unsettled.

She wanted to hear an answer she could accept; a success rate of 50% was worth it for Qin Chu to take the risk and undergo the surgery.

However, the reality was usually much harsher…

“With my years of clinical experience… I would say that the success rate of surgery in an area as sensitive as this one is less than 30%.”

After Dr. Feng finished his sentence, the others quivered…

Chief Xu said that the success rate of the surgery was less than 20%, and that was why Su Yu went through all the trouble of flying a top-notch surgeon in from Jing City. However, the success rate rose by less than 10%… miles and miles away from Huo Mian’s expectations…

Huo Mian’s gaze turned icy immediately; her hands and feet became cold as she sat there quietly…

“Huo Mian, you shouldn’t worry too much. I know Qin Chu will survive this, heaven rewards the good…” Director Wu consoled her slowly.

“Director, we’re all doctors… A sentence like ‘heaven rewards the good’ is just something we say to console the patient’s family… Please don’t say it to me.” Huo Mian’s voice was heartbreakingly hoarse as if she would lose her voice any second.

“Director, Dr. Huo, what should we do then? Should we do the surgery or not?” Doctor Xu asked carefully.

They didn’t seem to have much of a choice…

If they did the surgery, it would be risky; even with a renowned surgeon from Jing City, the surgery success rate was still less than 30%; if they didn’t do the surgery, in 48 hours, the area around Qin Chu’s heart may become affected. By then… the consequences will be grave…

“Time is of the essence, Huo Mian. You are Qin Chu’s immediate family, so you should decide.” Director Wu knew how much Qin Chu meant to Huo Mian, so he passed the baton over to her.

“Director Wu, I need some time, let me think about it.” Huo Mian felt so much pressure that she was about to explode.

Doctor Feng looked down at his watch. “Young lady… my suggestion is, if you agree to surgery, we should do it tomorrow morning. The human body is strongest in the morning, so if we do it then, the success rate will be higher. You have an entire night to think about it, but we can’t wait past tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Huo Mian nodded with a heavy heart.

Then, the meeting ended. Huo Mian felt like she had hit rock bottom as she left the conference room.

After she returned to her room, Zhu Lingling immediately went up to hold her. “How did it go? What did you guys decide? When is Qin Chu getting his surgery?”

“I still need to think about it.” Huo Mian’s complexion was pale.

“Are you hungry? What do you want to eat, I’ll go buy some for you.”

“I’m fine, Lingling, go home and get some rest. You’ve been at it all night with me. There’s a lot of nurses here, and… I want to be alone for a while, so I can mull over some stuff.”

“Um… are you okay?”

“I’m fine, I’m a strong girl, I’ll always be that undefeatable Mian.” Huo Mian forced a smile.

“Okay then… I’ll be back tomorrow morning, you should get some rest.”

Then, Zhu Lingling left her room; before leaving, she reminded the nurse, again and again, to take good care of Huo Mian, since she was emotionally unstable.

After Zhu Lingling left, Huo Mian walked up to the window, and stood there, by herself, for a very long time.

She didn’t even hear Su Yu when he knocked on her door and came in…

“What are you thinking about?” Su Yu asked gently, afraid of startling her.

Huo Mian turned around and even flashed a smile at Su Yu…

“You’re here.”

Her smile was feeble, helpless, and made him wonder…


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