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Season 10

Episode 22

( Proof of an Affair (3)

“Don’t worry, you’ll have your great-grandson, heck, you’ll even have your great-granddaughter! Don’t worry, it’s only a matter of time.”

“Bullsh*t! If I wait for another twenty years, I’ll be in the dirt, rotting away with barely any bones left!” Grandpa Su raged on…

“Okay, fine. Tell me what you want, grandpa.”

“Get married! As soon as possible!”

“But… But I need someone to get married to,” Su Yu chuckled drily. His grandpa sure was a stubborn one.

“I’ve been thinking. If Jiamin isn’t your type, go for that actress from your company then. I don’t care anymore. That girl, something Tong… What’s her name again?”

“Her? No no no,” Su Yu shook his hands immediately.

“Don’t you like that girl?”

“Haha… Grandpa, who told you that I liked her?” Su Yu chuckled.

“The media. Newspapers are always writing about you guys.”

“Oh, don’t tell me you believe the media. The only thing that is true about the media is the date and the year. Nothing else could possibly be real; trust me, even the weather forecast trolls us citizens.”

“Quit bullsh*tting random crap with me. We’re speaking of serious business here, why are you bringing up the weather forecast?”

The incident that Su Yu got himself into made Grandpa Su very anxious. But at the same time, it made him anxious about something else as well – he was anxious for Su Yu to settle down and start a family…

Men can sometimes be difficult to predict, especially when they were bachelors. Once they had a home, a wife, and a kid, they will become more responsible.

Grandpa Su made the executive decision that his grandson needed marriage to help him tune down his flamboyant attitude. It was for his own good.

But who would have thought the kid was so good at going off on a tangent?

“Hm… Serious business, huh? What you suggested is not viable. If I were to have a wife, she’s got to be a girl that I like. Listen Grandpa, a lifetime is only eighty or so years. We have the money, we have the power. You’re not seriously expecting me to marry someone with a strong familial background to boost our family’s reputation, right? C’mon, I’m your only grandson, do you have the heart to watch me suffer?”

“Who said anything about marrying for reputation? The issue at hand right now is for you to get married, as soon as possible! Who do you like? Tell me.”

“I… don’t like anyone at the moment. I will tell you when I do. It’s getting late, Grandpa, rest up.” Su Yu ran down the stairs as soon as he finished speaking.

“Kids these days…” Grandpa Su sighed. Su Yu didn’t want to reveal anything, and his grandpa was running out of ideas…

By the time Su Yu got back to his bedroom, his mother was in the middle of changing the bedsheets.

“Mom, you don’t have to change the sheets every day. I’m not germaphobic, it’s a waste.”

“I bought this while shopping today. The material is very good, so I thought I’d buy it for you. Just use it for now, you rarely come home!”

Mrs. Su was delighted by the fact that her son had come back home. Every day she would come up with new cuisines and dishes for the kitchen to make for Su Yu. Not only that, she changed his sheets, day in and day out – providing even better service than hotels.

Su Yu understood his mother’s intentions, for he knew every mother loved their children dearly.

“Are you hungry? Do you want some food?” Mrs. Su asked.


“Then you should sleep early.”

“Okay.” Su Yu took off his jacket as he walked towards the washroom for a shower.

“Son, the reason you were released is that Huo Mian came out as a witness for you. But she’s put herself in a terrible position. You’re well-known in the industry, can you come out and explain for her? I’m afraid she won’t be able to handle all of this negative media attention,” Mrs. Su suddenly asked thoughtfully. She was grateful that Huo Mian stood up and helped her son. But at the same time, she felt terrible about how the press had dramatized the whole situation.

The negative press and rumors never bothered Su Yu, since he owned an entertainment company and lived and died in rumors. However, the situation was a little different for Huo Mian. She was a girl. As soon as she was put into a difficult spot, the criticisms would batter her up, swallow her, and spit her out piece by piece.

Su Yu’s eyes gleamed in thought as he ran through what his mother said his head. He wanted to protect Huo Mian, but instead, Huo Mian came out and protected him, bringing the negative media attention onto herself.


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