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Season 10

Episode 85

(She Had Always Been So Strong (6)

“Uncle Qin, he… he’s still in critical condition right now,” Gao Ran felt bad and didn’t know how to explain things to Qin Chu’s family.

At the time, Qin Chu went to look for Huo Mian by himself and didn’t tell anyone about it, not even Rick.

In the end, it was Gao Ran who felt like things were a little off, so he ordered his people to follow after him.

That’s how they got there on time… or else, the consequences would be unbearable.

“Oh my god, why was my son shot? What in the world happened?” Mrs. Qin began crying buckets and buckets.

All Gao Ran told them was that Qin Chu had been shot and was receiving emergency treatment at the hospital.

Song Yishi was drinking tea with the Qin couple at that time, so she immediately followed them here; she was extremely worried about him…

Gao Ran looked at them and slowly began to explain, “Here’s what happened, Huo Mian was kidnapped… Qin Chu went to save her, and they were both injured. Qin Chu was shot, so his situation is dire, but don’t worry about him, I’m sure he’ll be fine.” Gao Ran avoided the important details and dwelled on the trivial as he explained what happened to Qin Chu’s parents.

They quickly understood what happened; Qin Yumin’s expression turned grim, and he fell silent.

Mrs. Qin, on the other hand, blew up immediately, “What? Did he get injured trying to save Huo Mian? Why does everything have to do with her? I knew that my son wouldn’t have been shot for no reason. That woman’s jinxed, and she’s set to ruin my son… I went to a fortune teller before and was told that they didn’t make a good couple. Chu didn’t believe me at the time, but look at what happened! That b**ch killed my son…”

Furious, Mrs. Qin placed all the blame on Huo Mian…

Song Yishi, on the other hand, put her arm around Mrs. Qin’s and said with a heavy expression, “Mrs. Qin, calm down. I’m sure Qin Chu will be fine.”

“Where’s that little b*tch… I’m going to kill her.” Mrs. Qin looked around, thinking that Huo Mian was here.

Jiang Xiaowei couldn’t take it anymore; she stepped out and said, “Get your facts straight, Huo Mian was injured as well.”

“That’s her own problem. She pulled my son down with her, she deserves to get hurt,” Mrs. Qin spat viciously.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Xiaowei became even angrier…

“Come on… they’re married, what do you mean by ‘pulling your son down with her’? If one day you were kidnapped, does your husband deserved to get hurt just because he tried to save you? You should really think before you speak, don’t say everything that comes to your mind. After all, you’re the wife of a rich man, you shouldn’t act like a shrew and crap all over your own daughter-in-law, whom your son tried to save with his own life!”

“Huh… who are you? What does anything have to do with you?” Mrs. Qin glared at Jiang Xiaowei and then rolled her eyes at her.

“I’m a friend of Huo Mian’s, and I don’t like it when others defame her. If you have anything to say, just say it to my face,” Jiang Xiaowei acted like a full-on iron-lady and began talking back at Qin Chu’s mother to her face.

“Xiaowei, calm down… she’s your senior,” Wei Liao quietly reminded his short-tempered wife.

“Don’t kid me… who is she, and why should I respect her? If she’s not worth expecting, then why should I put on a show? Huo Mian is still in the ICU, and she’s badly injured as well. Her mother doesn’t even know she’s here, so why is being cursed at right now? The f*ck.”

“Your parents really haven’t taught you well…” Mrs. Qin was enraged by Jiang Xiaowei’s curses and pointed at her nose as she retorted…

“Mrs. Qin, never mind this. Let’s not fight anymore. Qin Chu’s still in his room, let’s go check up on him.”

Song Yishi didn’t like to engage in public catfights with other people and always remembered to be the perfect lady. Therefore, she pulled on Mrs. Qin’s arm, and they headed towards Qin Chu’s room.

Then, Wei Liao and Jiang Xiaowei left the hospital…

Zhu Lingling got off the plane at midnight; she didn’t go home to rest but rather took a cab straight to the hospital.

Gao Ran was still there, so he met her at the entrance.

“How’s Huo Mian doing?”

“Physically, she’s doing fine. But emotionally, she’s unstable.”

“What about Qin Chu?” Zhu Lingling asked anxiously.

“Things are still not looking too well…”

“Why didn’t you tell me that something as big as this happened until just now?” Zhu Lingling complained.


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