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Season 10

Episode 19

(Taking Every Opportunity One Can Get (10)

“Yeah, she told me about it.” Qin Chu nodded.

“So you’ve agreed to her nonsense?” Qin Yumin looked at his son with a grim expression.

“I told her to step up,” Qin Chu answered after some thought.

“What? You told her to do so?” Qin Yumin was surprised to hear this; in his eyes, his daughter-in-law had always been arrogant and disregarded others’ feelings. Therefore, he was surprised to hear his son say that it was his idea.

Although Qin Chu was mad at Huo Mian, he would never defame her in front of others.

He would always protect her and was willing to take all the responsibility in front of his father.

However, he didn’t need Huo Mian to know what he did.

“Yeah, I told her to, because I didn’t want to owe Su Yu a favor… The truth is, Su Yu could’ve said so himself, but he didn’t, which meant that he was trying to be considerate of us. I think he’s a loyal person, so I told Huo Mian to clear his name.”

“But do you know what everyone else is saying right now?”

“I don’t care about what other people say; we’re living our lives for ourselves. I want to live happily and comfortably, so I can’t care about everything happening around me. Dad… it’s not like the olden days when gossip barely existed… All we can do now is to be our best selves. I know that you care about what’s happening with us, but please trust Huo Mian. If you can’t, then at least trust your son. I’m not wrong about her.”

“Okay then… if that’s the case, then I won’t keep asking you about it. Anyways… try to be more low profile in the future.”

“We will.” Qin Chu nodded.

He was thankful that his father didn’t drone on and on and give him a headache like his mother always did.

– That evening –

The Qin Manor was abnormally lively; Mayor Song came with his wife and Song Yishi.

Along with Qin Yumin, Mrs. Qin, and Qin Chu, the six of them enjoyed dinner together.

The truth was, Qin Chu didn’t know they were coming and bumped into them by accident…

Mrs. Qin asked the maid to make a bunch of dumplings, along with 8 dishes. It was a sumptuous meal indeed.

Song Yishi rarely uploaded photos onto her WeChat friend circle, but today, she uploaded three photos – one of the dumplings, one of herself, and another one of… Qin Chu, who was sitting across from her.

Huo Mian was working the night shift and wasn’t in the mood to eat. Yingzi bought her some food while she was buying Ni Yang dinner.

“Young Madam, I bought some vegetable congee and pickles, have some.”

“Thanks,” Huo Mian looked at Yingzi gratefully.

After Yingzi left, she set aside the dinner and continued working. She really wasn’t in the mood to eat.

Just then, her cellphone rang, and she immediately picked it up.

She thought that it was Qin Chu, but it was a message from Huo Siqian…

He didn’t say anything, and only sent her a screenshot of Song Yishi’s WeChat friend circle.

It said –’It was a heartwarming dinner. I would like to thank Mr. Qin, Mrs. Qin, and you.’

There were three photos below – one of the dumplings, the other one was a selfie.

Song Yishi’s selfie was very low-key. She didn’t show a peace sign, nor did she pretend to be cute. It was a photo of her profile, her arm supporting her chin.

A very modern pose…

The last photo was of course of Qin Chu – he had his head tilted and was talking to Mayor Song.

His profile was absolutely stunning… men who were focused on work were really attractive.

Huo Mian immediately blew up upon seeing that photo; she was speechless that Mr. Qin went to look for that little b*tch while they were fighting.

“Mian, are you sad?” Huo Siqian sent.

“Why would I be sad?”

“Song Yishi uploading a photo at this time will cause others to imagine things,” Huo Siqian replied.

“So if I went to see Su Yu and had dinner with him, would we be tied?” Huo Mian asked.

“You want to have dinner with Su Yu…?” Huo Siqian was a little shocked.

“I would never do something as degrading as that,” Huo Mian replied.

“If you don’t do anything, your status might be in jeopardy… I realized that Song Yishi isn’t easy to deal with, unlike the other women who have been interested in your husband in the past,” Huo Siqian reminded her.

“I’m not in the mood to fight her… she can do whatever she wants, I’m tired.” Huo Mian was a little glass half empty.

She was surprised that Qin Chu didn’t even call or WeChat her throughout the day.

However, he had to the heart to have dinner with Song Yishi. She was not about to tolerate that.

“Do you need a lawyer? I can hire one for you.”

“Why would I need a lawyer?” Depressed, Huo Mian replied.

“To get divorced, of course…” Huo Siqian said with profound meaning; Huo Mian wasn’t sure if he was joking.

However, upon seeing the word ‘divorce’, Huo Mian’s heart sank…


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