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Season 10

Episode 16

(Taking Every Opportunity One Can Get (7)

Qin Chu hugged her by the waist; he carried her up and dropped her on the couch. He didn’t use force, but he wasn’t gentle either.

She could tell that he was angry.

“Huo Mian, we’re not done talking yet, how can you leave like that?”

“About what? What do we have left to say?” Huo Mian sneered.

“I remember that you asked for my opinion… why did you still do it, even if you knew that you shouldn’t?” Qin Chu had never hated Su Yu nor had he gotten jealous of him, even when he sang for Huo Mian at GK’s 30th anniversary…

But this time, he couldn’t take it anymore…

He didn’t care about what others said, nor did he care about gossip. He only cared about Huo Mian’s heart.

He was scared that Huo Mian felt something for Su Yu.

“Are you kidding me? I’m an independent person, not your accessory. I discussed it with you because I respect you, but it doesn’t mean that I have to take your advice… I thought about this a lot, I’m not a child and I know to weigh the pros and cons. But Qin Chu, I have my own ethics, and everyone has different standards in life… If I didn’t stand out to help him, I would feel bad for the rest of my life.”

“Why don’t you just say… that you care about Su Yu?” Qin Chu was furious.

“What… did you say?” Huo Mian stared at Qin Chu in disbelief.

Qin Chu had a feeling that his words were too impulsive just now… he didn’t have the courage to repeat them.

Huo Mian got up from the couch and pushed Qin Chu aside with all her might, attempting to leave their home.

However, she couldn’t…

“Let go of me…”


“I’m leaving!”


“I’m going to go look for Su Yu, didn’t you say that I cared about him?” Huo Mian stopped filtering her words.

This was the most serious fight they had ever gotten into…

They both said things they didn’t mean.

Upon hearing what Huo Mian said, Qin Chu became even angrier. He pushed Huo Mian down onto the couch, lowered his head, and bit on her ruby lips.

“Mhm…” Huo Mian struggled, but couldn’t escape from Qin Chu’s embrace.

His tall and strong body pushed down on hers, so hard that she couldn’t breathe.

His kisses came down like raindrops, with a hint of punishment. He bit the corner of her lips, as she felt a slight pain there.

She was furious, but couldn’t do anything about it…

Therefore, she put her arms around Qin Chu’s neck and bit him back.

She used ten times the strength… one bite and Qin Chu’s lips began to bleed…

The stench of blood quickly flowed out and into their mouths…

Yet, Qin Chu was still stubborn; even though his lips were in extreme pain, he still didn’t let go of Huo Mian…

He kissed her even more domineeringly…

He only stopped when they were completely worn out…

Huo Mian pushed him aside, breathing heavily as she did.

She leaned back on the couch, exhausted. Her lips still tasted like Qin Chu’s blood…

She coughed gently… and forced herself to get up from the couch.

“Mian…” The truth was, he wanted to apologize.

She paused, but then walked up to the door and left immediately. She didn’t even give him the chance to say ‘I’m sorry’.

Qin Chu regretted what he did…

He pushed aside the curtains and saw Huo Mian leave Imperial Park… his heart began throbbing in pain again.

After she left, Huo Mian hailed a cab.

“Sky Blessing Court.” After she got on the cab, she only said three words before falling silent in the back seat.

The driver couldn’t help but look at her from the rearview mirror; the more he looked at her, the more scared he got…

“Um… I have to go home for dinner, why don’t you… get off up there and hail another cab?”

Huo Mian looked up to see that there were still bloodstains by the corner of her mouth; it was indeed terrifying to look at during this hour.

“I’m not a freakin vampire…” Huo Mian vented her anger at Qin Chu in her head and then growled at the driver.

The driver was at a loss for words…

He shivered and focused his attention onto the road, not daring to say anything else.

It was already past 1 AM by the time she arrived at Sky Blessing Court. Thank goodness her mother didn’t lock the doors.

Huo Mian went upstairs quietly, took a shower, and rolled into bed…

Her phone had run out of juice and turned off; she plugged it in without turning it on, and then lied down.

Qin Chu took out his phone and dialed that familiar number…

“I’m sorry, the subscriber you dialed is not available right now.”

His heart sank upon hearing that Huo Mian’s phone was off…


  1. Huo mian is too stupid
    I wonder why Qin chu is still begging her, mtchewwww

  2. Eya??? I feel your pain Mr Qin. Dnt worry i'm not in support of miss Huo. What she did is despicable.



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