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Season 10

Episode 48

(The Mother-in-Law Rubbing in the Wound (9)

Then, she opened Song Yishi’s Weibo. She hadn’t been back for a long time, but in that short month, she gained as many as 5 million followers. It was truly shocking.

Song Yishi had just posted something onto Weibo – it was a photo of her with Mr. and Mrs. Qin.

She wrote, ‘Eight years ago, I was lucky enough to become a member of this family. After all these years, Mr. and Mrs. Qin still treat me like they used to. I am thankful for all that I have today.’

Her fans then crowded her comments section…

“Goddess, you’re so lucky. I’m so jealous!”

“Yishi… when can you upload some photos for your fans? I want to see you make cute poses at the camera!”

“Yishi, is that the Cartier’s newest bracelet on your wrist? Do they sell that in the country?”

“Goddess Song, you’re the most well-educated socialite I’ve ever seen. I heard that you’re a master of ink wash paintings, when can you show us your work?”

“Goddess, you’re a much better match with President Qin. You lived with his family when you were eight, you must know a lot of fun things that happened to him when he was young. Tell us about them.”

Most of her comments were filled with praise; most netizens liked her and thought that she was a good person.

She was pretty, rich, had an advanced degree, was a master of Chinese ink wash painting, and most of all, she was gentle and often uploaded heartwarming tidbits onto Weibo.

“I can’t take it anymore, I want to throw up,” Jiang Xiaowei said.

“What’s wrong? Are you not feeling feel…?” Huo Mian really thought she wasn’t feeling well and reached out to hand her a garbage bin.

“Hey, I don’t literally want to throw up, I’m simply disgusted by that supreme b*tch, Song Yishi.”

“Supreme… b*tch?” Huo Mian’s never heard of this saying before, so she was a little dumbfounded.

“I invented it. It’s the highest state to which a manipulative bitch can be, in short, a supreme bitch. The phrase describes her perfectly, don’t you think?” Jiang Xiaowei asked.

Huo Mian smiled; if Jiang Xiaowei disliked someone, then she wouldn’t have anything nice to say about that person.

Therefore, Jiang Xiaowei used that side account of hers and commented, “If you’re so close with the Qin Family, why didn’t Qin Chu marry you?”

“Hey, you shouldn’t do that. It’s not worth it.” Huo Mian didn’t see the need for Jiang Xiaowei to slander Song Yishi on Weibo.

“I don’t like how pretentious she is.”

“But we’re pretentious as well,” Huo Mian retorted with a smile on her face.

“We’re not the same! We are pretentious in a mellow and appropriate way. She’s pretentious 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and she’s always pretending to be so high and mighty… She’s disgusting, assuming that no one can see through her mask.”

Huo Mian didn’t respond. Instead, she quietly sipped at her scented tea…

Jiang Xiaowei then went into Huo Mian’s Weibo.

She uploaded the poem written by Tsangyang Gyatso a short while ago, and there were tens of thousands of comments. However, unlike Song Yishi’s comments, Huo Mian’s attacked her.

“Is this your confession to Su Yu? You’re so shameless.”

“Huo Mian, how can you do this to your husband? You’re such a scumbag.”

“Qin Chu did so much for you, but you’re so indifferent. I hate you.”

“Keep ruining yourself. You should just get divorced, contentious little hoe bag.”

Jiang Xiaowei was immediately infuriated by what she saw and slammed her tablet onto the side table with a ‘bang’.

“What the f*ck… are these netizens f*cking idiots? They don’t even know the truth, what gives them the right to slander you like that? How can they say that you’re indifferent towards Qin Chu, I’m f*cking speechless… if you don’t care about him, why would you marry him? If you don’t care about him, why would you put aside your pride and help GK sign celebrities when the company was in trouble? If you don’t care about him, why would you put on that much makeup and walk down the red carpet like a showgirl? Are they oblivious towards how protective you are of your husband? Ever since you married Qin Chu, so many manipulative b*tches have tried to butt themselves in your relationship, first Jiang Linyue, then Song Yishi… It’s already tiring enough that you have to work and deal with those hoe bags at the same time, but these brainless netizens keep talking smack about you…”

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