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Season 10

Episode 68

(Too Many People Want You Dead (9)

“Xiaowei…” Wei Liao wanted to stop her; Su Yu was already feeling crappy, so Jiang Xiaowei’s question was obviously adding insult to injury.

“Don’t butt in, let Su Yu answer. He’s a man, you shouldn’t protect him like a woman,” Jiang Xiaowei said, word for word.

“Ahem… sister-in-law, you sure are domineering.” Tang Chuan gave her a thumbs up.

Su Yu looked up and said slowly, “Of course I get tired. I’m not Jesus, for crying out loud, I’m still human. Sometimes I also feel like a fool, knowing that my feelings for her aren’t reciprocated. I want Huo Mian to be by my side, but… things aren’t that easy… I like her, and that’s my problem. I didn’t trouble her, nor did I purposely try to break them up, so I feel like my feelings for her are somewhat justified. Plus, to tell you the truth, when I fell for her, I didn’t know she was married. No one wants to become the ‘other man’ on purpose, and I’m not a man who’s short on women, so why would I target a married woman? I get all that, but my heart doesn’t… I told myself to give up more than once, and that I will never get a chance with her, but every time I do, my heart begins to throb… In the end, I decided to push all those thoughts away and just like her. You guys all know I like Huo Mian, the entire world knows I like Huo Mian, even Huo Mian knows I like Huo Mian. I think it’s for the best. She’s not mine, but my love for her isn’t cheap or twisted… At least I won’t hit Qin Chu when he’s down, and at least I didn’t look for ways to break them up, right?”

The three of them fell silent upon hearing this…

Su Yu was speaking the truth. He then added, “Honestly, you guys don’t have to feel bad for me at all. I think it’s rare for a person to meet someone he’s willing to do anything for, it really is. Not everyone is as lucky as I am, so even if Huo Mian doesn’t end up dating me, I still think it’s for the best… I’m just letting things be, really… I don’t want more from her… I’m satisfied as is.”

Su Yu knew that he couldn’t be too greedy; it was good enough that he could occasionally see her, read her Weibo updates, and listen to friends talk about her…

If she was meant to be his, she would be his one day. If she wasn’t, then he was not going to force her…

So, he had decided to admit defeat and let things be… He was speechless that God purposely toyed him like this and arranged such a deadly encounter…

“My boy Yu…” Tears circled in Tang Chuan’s eyes, the grown ass man was so touched by Su Yu’s words.

“Don’t cry, dude, I’m not dying. Let’s drink.”

Su Yu smiled bitterly. Then, he picked up his beer bottle and went back to drink with Tang Chuan and Wei Liao.

Jiang Xiaowei calmed down and fell silent…

Truth be told, she was going to convince Su Yu to give up; but after what he said, she thought he had a point.

He didn’t hurt Huo Mian or put her in danger, so why shouldn’t he be allowed to like her?

Forcing Su Yu to forget about Huo Mian was a little cruel…

Jiang Xiaowei looked at Huo Mian and Qin Chu’s happy smiles on her phone and suddenly felt like it was a gift from God for Qin Chu to still be able to get Huo Mian back, after 7 years.

After Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling watched a movie, they shopped around.

Zhu Lingling was your typical shopaholic and never left empty-handed.

Sometimes, she would force herself to buy some bras or panties if she really didn’t know what to buy.

It had become a vicious cycle, so she didn’t have a lot saved up over the years.

At Wanda Square, they walked around the shops.

“Huh, is that new? It’s pretty…” Zhu Lingling went inside a luxury-brand shop and looked at the wallet before her.

Although it was just a wallet, it cost 10,800 yuan.

She had even more bags than Huo Mian did, but she kept buying more and more.

However, she only bought what she could afford, and Huo Mian labeled her as a ‘bag fan’.

“Miss, I’d like that wallet,” Gao Ran said as he reached for his wallet.

“No, it’s okay, I’ll pay for it myself,” Zhu Lingling took out her wallet as well; truth be told, she had no intention of asking Gao Ran to pay.

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