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Season 10

Episode 52

(I Will Take the Heat for You (3)

Qin Chu nodded as he looked at Assistant Yang. “Pay them. The sales department works very hard, running around every day making sales. There’s no need to delay their bonuses, it’s not a staggering amount to begin with. Tell the finance department to pay them monthly. If an employee is in need, they can apply for advance payment. Of course, they will need their superior’s approval first.”

“Got it, President Qin,” Assistant Yang smiled. The president was indeed kind; he always did what was needed to be done.

The executives sighed in relief after Qin Chu left the conference room…

“President Qin is scary. I’m afraid of him. Every time I see him, a gust of cold air comes along.”

“Haha… yeah, after all, our boss is famous for being cold and domineering.”

“The sales department did pretty well, President Qin was really generous just now.” The other directors all looked at the sales director enviously.

“The president knows about our hard work. Haha… everyone stop comparing.”

Qin Chu returned to his office just in time to see Song Yishi’s call.

He didn’t answer, however, as he felt like she had been contacting him quite frequently.

Even if it was nothing, Huo Mian probably wouldn’t appreciate it.

Likewise, if Su Yu contacted Huo Mian as frequently as Song Yishi contacted him, he wouldn’t be happy either.

Therefore, he wasn’t going to pick up the phone, no matter how much it rang…

“Sir, why hasn’t Young Madam come to the company recently… are you guys really in a fight?”

With so much gossip on the newspapers, Assistant Yang was a little worried about Qin Chu and Huo Mian’s relationship.

Truthfully speaking, he was a fan of the Qin-Huo couple. He truly believed in their love.

“When are you so into my personal life? Aren’t you overstepping your role as an assistant?” Qin Chu raised his head and stared at Assistant Yang, scaring the latter out of his wits…

“Haha, sir, please don’t be angry, I’m just curious… my wife is a fan of Young Madam. She even fights for her against the slandering netizens! She asks me about you guys every day… I don’t even know how to respond.” Assistant Yang continued his charade of being dumb and innocent so that his boss wouldn’t get mad…

Sure enough, Qin Chu’s expression calmed down quite a bit upon hearing what Yang said.

“Tell your wife to not worry.”

“Hm? Then does this mean that you guys are fine? Haha, I knew it! How could you fight with Young Madam! You love her so much!”

Assistant Yang was very happy upon hearing the president’s words…

With a pen spinning in his hand, Qin Chu planned out how he could go see Huo Mian that night.

He always thought that romance novels were a joke. How could one day of not seeing each other seem like three years? It was BS.

Now that he was in the situation, however, it made so much sense… It wasn’t just three years, it felt like a decade!

He missed having Huo Mian in his arms while they slept, cozied in his embrace like a kitten.

“Honey, I want to find you at South Hill manor tonight,” he messaged her.


“Honey…” Mr. Qin actually began to act cute for the first time ever.

Huo Mian almost gave in, but as soon as she remembered that she was set up, she knew she needed to find the person behind all of this. So, she bit her tongue and said, “Be good, Honey. We need to work together and catch the bad guy!”

“Then how will you repay me?” Qin Chu asked proudly.

“In any way you want,” in order to calm him, Huo Mian went all out.



“Then after this thing passes, I want to do it ten times a night.”


“I’m going to try every position with you.”


“Oh, right, I also want you to wear sexy lingerie and dress up like a playboy bunny.”


A playboy bunny? How could he think of something so lame? He really was incredible.

“Qin Chu, you are the president of a major corporation. Can you not be such a pervert?” Huo Mian was speechless.

“Chairman Mao said that it’s okay to be perverted towards your own wife.”

“When did Chairman Mao say something like this?” Huo Mian questioned.

“I think that… if Chairman Mao was still alive, he would’ve said it.”

“Go away…” Huo Mian was completely done with him.

The car soon entered a high-end residential area…

“Aren’t we going to a restaurant or a tea house?” Huo Mian expected the meeting place with Mrs. Su to be an elegant and quiet place. Why were they in a residential area?

“Mrs. Su told me to bring you to her home.”

“What? Her home?!” Huo Mian completely lost her cool.

So this was the military district family housing, the most famous residential area in the city?

It was said that this residential area was intensively fortified.

An even more exaggerated rumor said that every mansion had its own underground tunnel. In short, the place was something made of dreams.

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