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Season 10

Episode 9

(I'm Very Disappointed in You (10)

Huo Mian had just finished rounds and was heading back to her office to organize documents when she saw Su Yu...

He had been at the police station for 48 hours straight and didn't even have time to shave off his stubble, but he had a messy beauty to him.

When he saw Huo Mian, he strode up to her in large steps.

Without speaking, he grabbed Huo Mian's arm, scaring her.

"What are you doing?" Huo Mian was pretty surprised to see Su Yu; shouldn't he be home, telling everybody that he was safe right now?

"Stupid girl, didn't I send you a private message last night?"

Huo Mian was silent...

"Did you think that I was bullsh*tting?" Su Yu angrily demanded.

Huo Mian was still silent.

"Speak," it was the first time he spoke to her so harshly because he was furious.

"It's within my responsibility to testify; you're not the murderer anyway, why do you have to go to court?"

Looking up, Huo Mian asked Su Yu, word for word...

"I already said that I can handle it."

"But even if you won in court, your name will still be tarnished. I don't want you to carry the reputation of being a suspect of murder for the rest of your life. I don't want everyone to make fun of you for this incident."

"But do you know the consequences of your actions? Do you know what you are going to face once the police bureau announces to the public why I was declared innocent? Everyone will be pointing their fingers at you… Huo Mian, are you crazy? Do you think you're God? Why don't you go to heaven then?"

Su Yu was furious...

Huo Mian stood out to help him, while at the same time placed herself in danger. He didn't want that to happen.

"What's wrong with that? I don't care about other people's opinions anyway."

"How about Qin Chu? Is he going to understand you?" Su Yu coldly asked.

Huo Mian fell silent...

Qin Chu always spoiled her and supported her decisions, but not this one.

"You're too impulsive... I was one step away… If I went to court today, I could go home and everything will be over."

"But my conscience won't rest easy for the rest of my life," Huo Mian slowly said.

After Su Yu heard that, he was a little stunned...

"Su Yu, I have my own principles, you don't have to teach me what to do. Once I decide to do something, no one will be able to stop me. On the contrary, even if you cut off my head, I won't do something that I don't want to do… You don't have to be so angry, you don't have to be moved that I helped you either, this is what I am supposed to do… I am an important witness, and you were with me during that time. No matter what others say, you didn't kill anyone, you're innocent… and now, I won't have to keep feeling guilty anymore. Okay, I am going to work now, you should leave."

After speaking, Huo Mian acted like nothing had happened to her and turned to walk into her office...

She closed her door with a 'bang'...

Su Yu was stunned and stood outside her office door.

There was a moment where he had a very strong urge to hold her, to hug her very tightly.

But he resisted it...

'Huo Mian', that name had already taken root and grown in his heart.

She had already become a special religion in his heart.

This woman was arrogant beyond belief, with an aura that he could not pull himself out of.

When Su Yu came out, the Public Security Bureau updated their official Weibo.

They wrote out Huo Mian's confession in detail, including the two's meeting time and location.

They even listed the cab driver's phone number and the route Huo Mian took. Everything was crystal clear.

Once the news was out, Weibo, the forums, and the media blew up...

Huo Mian was pushed in front of the spotlight...

Her Weibo was drowned by tens of thousands of people...

Most people were degrading her, the top comment was extremely derogatory as well.

"You're a shameless woman, trying to hook up with Su Yu when you already have Qin Chu. What a hoe."

Huo Mian scrolled through the comments without changing her expression, she was already used to this defamation and slander.

Also, when she went to the police station, she already knew what would happen.

At that moment, her phone rang. She got a WeChat message.

She thought that it might be Lingling or Xiaowei asking her what happened.

Out of her expectations, it was from Qin Chu. There were only six words, but they hurt Huo Mian's heart like knives.

Qin Chu said, "I am very disappointed in you."


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