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Season 10

Episode 74

(Scared of Losing You (5)

As soon as he finished talking, the person on the other end picked up…

“Hello?” Qin Chu’s familiar voice sounded from the other end.

Upon hearing Qin Chu’s voice, Huo Mian suddenly felt the urge to cry…

However, she didn’t say anything; she kept her mouth shut.

The kidnapper just said that he didn’t want money; he wasn’t interested in a ransom, just her life.

Therefore, his motive behind calling Qin Chu right now was obvious – he wanted to kill Qin Chu as well.

It was fine if she was kidnapped, but she would never drag Mr. Qin into her mess…

“Talk,” the scar-faced man spat viciously.

Qin Chu felt like his heart was about to jump out of his throat…

“Mian, is that you?” he asked gently; all he cared about right now was whether she was still alive.

Huo Mian bit down on her lips, refusing to speak. She knew that if she did, Qin Chu would come for sure.

“B*tch… talk.” The man suddenly swung his palm at Huo Mian’s face.

A burning red palm mark immediately appeared on Huo Mian’s fair complexion.

He hit her with great force, and blood trickled out of the corners of her mouth…

Even so, Huo Mian still chose to keep her mouth shut.

“Are you a f*cking mute? I told you to speak to him.” The man was incredibly impatient and immediately sent a kick at Huo Mian’s abdomen…

A tearing sensation came from her lower abdomen…

Any other woman would’ve burst out in tears…

However, Huo Mian still didn’t make a sound. Having sustained injuries, she fell silently onto the floor.

She bit down on her lips as hard as she could; she knew that if Qin Chu heard her voice, he would throw everything aside to come to find her.

However, if she remained silent, Qin Chu wouldn’t know if she was really here, and therefore wouldn’t come so easily. If he had time to discuss things with Gao Ran, he wouldn’t put himself in so much danger.

Her brain turned quickly but nothing came out of her mouth.

“Boss, this woman is too stubborn… she’s not going to say anything, no matter how much we hit her. I bet she doesn’t want to put her husband at risk,” one of his lackeys said.

Upon seeing how stubborn she was, the scar-faced man stopped wasting time and picked up the phone.

“Mr. Qin, right? I have your wife.”

“How much money do you want?” Qin Chu replied calmly.

“Ha… money’s not the problem right now, I’ve already been paid to kill her. Why don’t you come here alone, without calling the cops, and solve your grudges with my employer? If you don’t come, we’re going to dismember your wife tonight, and start sending you her body parts by tomorrow.”

“Don’t touch her… I’ll agree to anything.”

“Great, thanks for being so accommodating, Mr. Qin.”

“Time? Place?” Qin Chu asked.

“You’ll find that out later,” The scar-faced man hung up the phone after this sentence.

He then kicked Huo Mian’s abdomen again. “Stupid woman, you sure are a tough character… Too bad both of you are my employer’s top enemies, and I was paid to do the job.”

“How much are they paying you? We’ll give you three times that amount.” Huo Mian lied on the floor, her voice weak.

“Hahaha… how treacherous do you think we are? Let me tell you… we only have one employer; if we were prone to selling our employers out for money, we wouldn’t have lasted so long in this business. I know you’re rich, but I’m sorry. We were already paid, I guess you’re just unlucky.”

“Guys, let’s go eat.”

Then, the sound of footsteps gradually disappeared…

Huo Mian lied on the floor of the abandoned factory. It was deep into winter, and she was shivering all over

She was only wearing a white lab coat when she was kidnapped, and the piercing wind blew her entire body stiff.

She wasn’t in the mood to think about who was behind this kidnapping; all she hoped was that Qin Chu wouldn’t come himself…

Or else… they might both die here.

After Qin Chu got off the phone with the kidnappers, he felt somewhat relieved; at least those people were willing to contact him.

Just then, Gao Ran called again.

“Chu, we located Huo Mian’s cellphone.”

“Where is she?” Qin Chu asked hurriedly.


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