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Season 10

Episode 37

(The Brilliance of Goddess Song (8)

“Teach her a lesson? Why should I?” Huo Mian was speechless.

“Isn’t she crazy in love with Qin Chu? Everyone can see that. You’re so smart, how could you not tell?”

“Ever since Qin Chu and I got married, so many women have been trying to get between us, and I’ve gotten used to it. The point is that Qin Chu doesn’t give a damn and that’s why I’m not mad. But Song Yishi is really hard to deal with. She’s very inconsistent. She will be nice and then she will be mean, and she does this, over and over. People like her are the hardest to deal with because they are unpredictable. Besides… there’s always a dagger behind her sweet words.”

“Yup… so the sooner you get rid of her, the sooner you will have peace. It’s important to cut the weed out of your life,” Jiang Xiaowei reminded her.

“She’s not that easy to deal with. She has a powerful family.”

“You’re worried about Mayor Song?” Jiang Xiaowei asked her.

“Not really. I just feel like Song Yishi hasn’t really done anything. If I act rashly, I might fall into her trap. So, I’ve decided to wait and see.”

“That’s good too… anyhow, let me know if you need me. Even though I’m pregnant, I’m more than happy to help you fight that bitch.”

“Haha, thank you, Dr. Jiang.”

“Oh come on, don’t mess with me. Alright, I need a nap. I’ve been so drowsy lately.”


After chatting with Jiang Xiaowei, her mother’s hand-pulled noodles were ready.

It was simple, just some veggies in with the noodles, but it was delicious and the texture was just about right. It was oily but not greasy.

“Mom, it’s so good. Teach me how to make them. When I’m old, I’ll go find a town in the middle of nowhere and open up a noodle restaurant, haha, and work there until I’m old and die,” Huo Mian complimented her mother’s skills while eating the noodles.

“You… have no ambition. You are a successful doctor but your future goal is to sell noodles,” Yang Meirong looked at her daughter, angry and amused at the same time.

After dinner, her mother tried to kick her out. “If you don’t need anything else, go home. You don’t have kids now so people must be making all kinds of gossip. Hurry up and make a baby.”

Huo Mian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Mom, a baby won’t appear just because I want one. It’s not easy to get pregnant. Do you know how hard it is physiologically? The chances are very low. Besides, only one sperm cell will survive and it has to be fast because each egg only waits for 48 hours before closing the door. Ha.”

“I don’t understand your nonsense. Anyways… just hurry up and make a baby,” Yang Meirong gave an executive order…

“Ha, alright, alright. I will try harder.” Huo Mian couldn’t keep living at Sky Blessing Court anymore because she didn’t want her mom to worry.

But for her plan to make progress, she couldn’t go back to the Imperial Park either. So, she went straight back to South Hill Manor.

“Young Madam.” Uncle Li and the maids respectfully bowed when they saw Huo Mian.

“Thank you all for your hard work.”

“Young Madam, do you need us to prepare dinner?” Uncle Li asked politely.

“No, I already ate.”

“Um… will Young Master be back later?” They probably saw the news and knew what was happening between the young couple.

“He’s not coming. You don’t have to make him dinner.”


Huo Mian went upstairs to the bedroom, put down her purse and phone, then went in the bathroom to take a shower.

The phone was ringing when she came out…

She saw the screen. It was from an unknown number.

After hesitating for a few seconds, she still picked it up.

“Is this Huo Mian?”


“This is Song Yishi.”

“I recognize your voice,” Huo Mian said calmly.

“Sorry to bother you this late.”

“It’s okay. What’s up?”

“Can I grab a coffee with you? I am at your coffee shop.”

“It’s pretty late… might not be a good time.” Huo Mian seemed like she wanted to decline her invitation.

“I have something I want to talk to you about. I hope you can come.”

“What is it that we can’t say over the phone?” Huo Mian smiled and asked.

“It’s about Qin Chu. I want to talk to you in person,” Song Yishi responded.

“Alright. Wait for me then.”

Huo Mian didn’t hesitate anymore when she heard it’s about Qin Chu and immediately decided to go. Even if Song Yishi was pure evil, she still wanted to go. She wanted to see what game this woman was playing.


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