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Season 10

Episode 35

(The Brilliance of Goddess Song (6)

“Ni Yang, calm down, she’s just here to see you…” Huo Mian tried to settle Ni Yang down.

“Sister Mian… you know my story… I don’t want to say anything else… tell her to leave, now!” Ni Yang screamed… He had never been so mad, and his anger shocked Huo Mian.

Xie Juan bent down and picked up the fruit.

Then, she placed it on the windowsill. She looked at Ni Yang with a complicated expression on her face. “Don’t be mad, I’ll leave now… I heard that you were sick, so I came to check on you. I hope you get better soon.”

“Even if I die, it’ll still be none of your business. Don’t pretend to be the good person here,” Ni Yang spat at her.

“I know. Anyways… I hope you can get better soon.”

Xie Juan didn’t want to leave; she looked at Ni Yang before turning around to leave sadly…

Huo Mian came out with her. “Ms. Xie, you should tell him the truth. Perhaps he won’t hate you as much.”

Xie Juan shook her head. “I hurt him too deeply and owe him too much… There’s no need to try and comfort me, it’s okay… I deserve all of this.”

After Huo Mian sent Xie Juan off, she went back to work…

She didn’t listen to the outside rumors. After work, a few reporters swarmed up to her as soon as she stepped out of the hospital.

“Miss Huo Mian… please comment on the photo that proves your husband’s affair.”

“Do you know the woman in this photo?”

“Have you known this all along? Are you really going separate ways and only pretending to be a loving couple?”

“Miss Huo Mian, have you signed divorce papers yet? What about the division of assets? Rumor has it that you’ll be receiving massive alimony, is it true?”

“Miss Huo Mian… rumor has it that you guys have been fighting because you haven’t been able to get pregnant yet. You’re close to being kicked out of his rich family, does it have anything to do with that?”

“What’s your relationship with Su Yu? Will you consider dating him if you get divorced?”

Faced with the reporters’ wanton questions, Huo Mian felt like she was going crazy…

What kind of questions were those…?

Before, she would’ve snapped back at them. But right now, she wouldn’t.

She was determined to keep acting. Therefore, after 3 seconds of silence, she said, “Thank you for your attention to my personal business. I’m doing great, and I am not at the liberty to disclose family matters. I believe that time will prove everything. What must be, will be.”

After a vague reply, Huo Mian got on her car and left.

The reporters misinterpreted Huo Mian’s words and an hour later, a new report came out, ‘GK’s Young Madam Implied that her Marriage is Over, the Duo May Be Getting a Divorce’

After work, Huo Mian drove straight back to Sky Blessing Court. This incident completely blew up, and the TV stations and radios were all talking about it.

Yang Meirong felt unsettled, and she called Huo Mian quite a few times.

Huo Mian didn’t know how to explain things over the phone, so she went back to her mother’s to talk to her in person.

“Mian… tell me, what’s going on with you and Qin Chu? What’s with the long-haired woman, is he cheating on you? What in the world is going on?”

“Mom… I’m fine, don’t worry.” Huo Mian smiled as she took off her down jacket. Then, she sat down on the couch, picked up a pear, and began munching on it.

“Gosh, how can you be in the mood to eat? How magnanimous are you?” Yang Meirong snatched the pear from her daughter’s hand and looked at her with concern.

“Mom, what do you want to know?”

“Are you and Qin Chu… getting divorced?” Yang Meirong asked with a grim expression.


“Did Qin Chu… cheat? Or did you cheat? I heard them talk about it on TV, but I didn’t understand what they were talking about.” Yang Meirong still wasn’t sure who cheated, so she didn’t know the specifics.

“Mom… who do you think cheated?” Huo Mian asked with a smile.

“Stop making me guess, tell me, I’m going crazy here. I was so worried that I didn’t even have a sip of water today.”

Yang Meirong wasn’t someone who could tolerate pressure. She would lose her cool soon as something happens.

“Let’s talk about this later, Mom, I need to ask you a question first. Did Uncle Jing know any foreign friends before he died? Or did he have any business partners in, for example… Holland?” Huo Mian probed.


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