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Season 10

Episode 75

(Scared of Losing You (6)

“She’s off of Highway 4006, I’ve already sent people there, but they only found her cellphone, and Huo Mian was nowhere to be seen. I think the kidnappers were trying to confuse us and divert our attention.”

“Okay. I got it.”

“Chu, have the kidnappers contacted you? Usually, they will ask for a ransom within 8 hours,” Gao Ran added.

“No, they haven’t.”

Qin Chu wasn’t going to say anything; after all, he didn’t want to risk things and involve the police in case the kidnappers killed Huo Mian out of anger.

If that happened, he would live in lifelong regret, so he decided not to tell Gao Ran the truth.

“Oh… okay then, don’t worry, I will get make sure all forces start investigating into this matter, and we’ll screen all suspicious vehicles that passed through Highway 4006.”

“Okay.” After hanging up the phone, Qin Chu lit up another cigarette as he stared at his phone screen.

He was waiting for the kidnappers to give him an address.

Qin Chu contacted Wu Zhongxing after Huo Mian disappeared, so the hospital made sure to be discreet and didn’t let the news out.

He was afraid that if word got out and alerted the media, Huo Mian might be in even more danger.

The others didn’t find out, but Huo Siqian did…

He had invested so much in South Side, even setting up the Huo Foundation. Therefore, he had the rights to know these things.

Plus, he also had eyes in South Side; the nurse he bought off would report to him about Huo Mian.

Huo Siqian was having lunch with a client when he was told that Huo Mian went missing.

“President Huo, Dr. Huo is missing,” the nurse sent him a WeChat message.

Huo Siqian’s smiling face immediately turned grim…

“What happened?” he asked.

“She suddenly disappeared, and our hospital is in chaos, everyone has their own speculation. Some say that Dr. Huo was kidnapped by aliens since she disappeared under our noses. Others say that Dr. Huo might have died… and her murderer hid her somewhere in our hospital. Anyways, we can’t find her, and the surveillance cameras are broken as well. Director Wu is making sure that this is kept discreet, but Dr. Huo’s husband already knows.”

“Okay, I got it.”

After replying to his informant, Huo Siqian stood up elegantly. “President Liu, I’m sorry, but I have an emergency on my hands. Let’s talk another time.”

Then, he walked out of the restaurant and headed straight to South Side.

– Inside Director Wu’s office –

After a brief conversation with Director Wu, Huo Siqian came out with a dark expression on his face.

He then went to the Municipal Public Security Bureau and asked them to pull up all the surveillance cameras outside South Side.

The ones inside the hospital might be broken, but what about the ones outside?

“President Huo, it’s difficult to rule these cars out one by one,” one of the cops reminded him.

“If it were easy, would I need you?” Huo Siqian demanded icily.

The cop shut his mouth upon hearing this; rumor had it that Young Master Huo’s temper was mellow and that he was a really nice gentleman. However, it didn’t seem to be the case.

Huo Siqian’s temper was abnormally bad today; he couldn’t think of anything else upon hearing that Huo Mian went missing.

He always thought that Huo Mian’s every move was under his control; now that he lost that control, he began to panic.

If something happened to that girl, he would be sad forever. He didn’t even want to think about never being able to see her again.

Qin Chu drove to Seductive Fox and went up to the office on the top floor.

Rick looked at him regrettably, “Qin, I’m really sorry. You told me to protect Huo Mian, but I’ve only been watching over her to and from work. I never thought that she would be kidnapped from inside the hospital, it’s all my fault.”

“It’s not, her kidnappers planned out everything meticulously. We couldn’t have predicted or defended ourselves against them.”

“I already asked my people to look for clues. Don’t worry, they’ll get back to us soon.”

“No, it’s okay, I plan to go save her myself.” Qin Chu placed his hands on his knees, his expression was as calm as ever.

“You can’t do that, they’re a vicious bunch and won’t let her go even if you give them money.”

Rick grew up in a mafia family, so he had seen almost everything. He also knew that kidnappers were all outlaws that worked with their lives on the line.

Hostages rarely made it back alive, so… Huo Mian was in grave danger.

Setting that aside, how could Qin Chu risk himself as well?

“Rick… I didn’t tell anyone about this because I only trust you. I came to see you so you could help me with something. If I don’t make it back… remember to sell GK as fast as you can and help my parents immigrate to Hawaii, where my uncles are.”

“What are you saying? Is this your last will?” Rick’s heart sank.


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