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Season 10

Episode 77

(Scared of Losing You (8)

"All of the license plates issued from this city starts with 'CA', but this vehicle's starts with 'CD'."

"What's wrong with it being 'CD'?" The young police officer was still confused.

Su Yu looked at him and explained slowly, "'CD' is for the army vehicles, and only military personnel can use it."

"That would still be normal... Some military officers own private vehicles that are not a green Jeep, and there are a lot of them undergoing medical care at South Side. There's nothing suspicious about that."

Su Yu felt a bit frustrated as his expression turned cold, and he explained himself one last time, "Don't speak about something you don't know... Military personnel do own private vehicles but they will never use a Japan-made vehicle, that's a common rule that everyone in the army knows about."

The young police officer finally understood.

Because the military personnels have a special status, the majority of the head officers drove domestic Red-Flag vehicles.

A minority of them drove American-made military-use bulletproof Hummers, and others liked to use the German-made Audi.

But they will never use a Japanese vehicle because of the cultural hate between the two countries. Therefore the officials have even prohibited the use of Japanese vehicles for military personnel.

That was a very irresponsible and thoughtless action, so Su Yu saw the flaw.

Was it not funny that a black Honda CRV had a military license plate starting with 'CD'?

Therefore, the license plate was fake and thus that vehicle was suspicious.

The young police admired Su Yu in an instant, having seen Young Master Su solve this like Sherlock Holmes.

This was a clue that even Huo Siqian didn't think of, but it wasn't because Huo Siqian was dumb.

Su Yu was borne into a military family and so he was more familiar with this.

Once they had locked onto the suspicious vehicle, they tracked it down and noticed that it went on HWY 4006.

Then they observed something strange, the vehicle drove around on the highway and exited.

It didn't choose to exit on a national highway but chose a county road instead, and there weren't any surveillance cameras on county roads.

"So… you can't track it down any further?" Su Yu said as his eyebrows pinched together.

"That's right Young Master Su... Because there was no surveillance afterward, we can only track it down until here."

"Okay, I understand."

Su Yu walked out of the general directorate of traffic and drove his Lamborghini all the way to the county road that the Honda CRV exited at.

He noticed that it was a complicated road, and there was a crosswalk every ten minutes down the road.

It would be like searching for a needle in the ocean if he wanted to find traces of evidence here.

Su Yu worried for Huo Mian even more now that he realized that she was kidnapped by someone who was smart; she must be in danger right now.

Huo Mian had been lying on the ground half-unconscious for some time, and she didn't know how long it had been until someone dragged her up and threw her onto a chair...

"Ahem... Ahem..." Huo Mian started to cough in pain, maybe from the kick she had received.

She felt colder here...

Huo Mian couldn't see and therefore she didn't know if they were at a hostel, a house, or an old factory.

"Feed her some water," a scar-faced man said.

Then someone with a face tattoo walked over and held an opened water bottle beside Huo Mian's mouth.

Huo Mian turned her head away, showing that she didn't want their drink.

The tattoo-face didn't have much patience for her as he whipped his hand across Huo Mian's face and scolded, "B*tch, you better behave and listen up. It'll save you from a lot of pain."

Huo Mian stumbled and her white collar stretched open a bit, showing her black tight t-shirt on the inside...

A chubby man beside the scar-face let out a creepy smile as he said, "Boss, I think she's quite beautiful and looks like a girl I knew back at the village. Can I get my hands on her first?"

Having heard that, Huo Mian felt despair...

The scar-faced man looked at his watch as he said, "There's a small storage room over there. You can drag her inside but take no longer than half an hour since her husband's going to come soon."

"Hahaha, got it, Boss. You know I never went over half an hour anyway."

The chubby man walked towards Huo Mian in excitement and grabbed her by her collar as he dragged her towards the small storage room.

Huo Mian didn't struggle nor did she shout along the way; she was brainstorming in her head.


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