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Season 10

Episode 70

(Scared of Losing You (1)

– The next morning –

After two relaxing days off, Huo Mian finally resumed her normal work schedule.

As soon as she arrived at South Side, Huo Mian went to the VIP room to check up on Ni Yang, since he recently underwent liver transplant surgery.

Xie Juan, who donated a part of her liver to Ni Yang, was also in recovery. Huo Mian hired a maid in advance to take care of Shuai Shuai.

“How’s he doing?” Huo Mian asked Yingzi, who was guarding outside Ni Yang’s door.

“Young Madam… Ni Yang’s operation was successful, and the lead surgeon said that he’ll be kept under observation for a while after he wakes up. Barring any complications, he’ll be discharged in two weeks.”

“After he’s discharged, I’ll make sure that the company doesn’t sign him onto any movies or TV shows. He can occasionally do some magazine photo shoots or exclusive interviews, so let’s allow Ni Yang to recover for 3 months. We don’t have to worry about his popularity decreasing, GK will make sure he attends a lot of events.”

“Thank you for being so considerate, Young Mistress.” Yingzi smiled.

Huo Mian didn’t want to interfere with GK Film and Television, but she always made sure to take care of Ni Yang.

She treated him like she did Zhixin; she also sympathized with Ni Yang’s childhood.

It wasn’t easy for him, going from a homeless young man to a celebrity…

Ni Yang was still unconscious, so after Huo Mian reminded the nurses what to watch out for, she went into Xie Juan’s room located right next to Ni Yang’s.

She looked fine; she had just woken up and looked a little pale. The nurse was injecting her with anti-inflammatory medication.

“Dr. Huo,” Xie Juan opened her mouth weakly.

“Ms. Xie, how are you feeling? Are you experiencing any discomfort?”

Xie Juan shook her head slightly. “No, I’m doing well.”

“I’m glad.”

“How is… Ni Yang doing?” worried, she asked.

“He’s doing good, the surgery was successful. Don’t worry.”

“Good… that’s good.” Xie Juan felt like a rock had been lifted from her chest upon hearing what Huo Mian said.

“Don’t worry about Shuai Shuai either, I already asked the maid I hired to take care of him. Get better soon, and he’ll come and visit you as soon as classes end.”


“Get some rest. If you need me, just ask one of the nurses to come to find me.”


Huo Mian paid for Shuai Shuai’s kidney transplant, as well as Ni Yang’s liver transplant.

She didn’t use the Huo Foundation’s money, nor GK’s. She spent over a million of her own money.

It was because she felt like it was worth it; she wasn’t one to interfere with others’ business, but if she did, she would hold herself accountable until the very end.

Zhu Lingling once asked her, “Since Ni Yang is rich, why not ask him to pay for his own surgery?”

Huo Mian, however, answered, “He treats me like his sister, so I want to treat him like my brother.”

They were sworn siblings… most of the time, people had to live in consideration for others.

If you treated me well, I will treat you even better.

Ni Yang once stubbornly gave up on signing with Imperial Star to cooperate with GK, causing an uproar in the industry.

Something like this was rarely seen in the entertainment world, and since Ni Yang was at the peak of his popularity, he had every reason to refuse Huo Mian.

But, he didn’t. He stood out at a crucial moment and helped Huo Mian resolve GK’s crisis.

Huo Mian will remember that for the rest of her life…

After returning to her office, her assistant came in, “Dr. Huo, someone booked an appointment with you. He specifically asked for you.”

“Sure, tell him to come in.”

Huo Mian sat in her office, turned on her computer, and got ready to see the patient.

Just then, a 30-something man came in. He was wearing a black down jacket and had a horrific knife scar down his left cheek.

“Hi, where are you feeling discomfort?” Huo Mian asked formally.

“Are you Dr. Huo?” The man stared at her face and asked.

“I am.” Huo Mian looked up at the man with a weird expression on her face.

Before she could say anything else, the man covered her nose and mouth with a white handkerchief…

Everything happened so fast that Huo Mian didn’t even have the time to think before she passed out…

Five minutes later, a middle-aged man wearing a white lab coat with a scar down his face put on a mask and hat and left South Side Recuperation Center with a massive woven bag in his hand.


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