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Season 10

Episode 43

(The Mother-in-Law Rubbing in the Wound (4)

“I do,” Huo Mian replied immediately.

“I feel like destiny played me over… Haha, others think that I’m too outstanding, so they’re envious of me. Some even said that I saved the universe my last life and stuff like that. But I know that aside from materialistic things, I’m just an ordinary man. I thought I was favored by God and therefore reborn into a great family, but now I realize that God was just giving me a taste of sweetness before playing me to death.”

Huo Mian didn’t reply, because she didn’t know what to say.

Su Yu continued, “I never thought that I, Su Yu, would one day want something that I can’t have. Did you know? Ever since I was young, I could always get what I wanted. Therefore, I didn’t care about anything. But one day, I met someone great, but she’s not mine. I felt depressed as ever… in other words, I may never have you, and that feeling is tearing me up inside… it’s killing me.”

Every time the Qin couple flaunted their love, Su Yu would feel crippled.

However, he kept looking for trouble. Wherever Huo Mian went, he would go as well.

To him, as long as he didn’t make Huo Mian’s life harder, everything was worth it.

However, missing her, and the pain of not being able to have her, accompanied him all the time.

“If you know that she doesn’t belong to you, then why not give up? Sometimes determination isn’t a good thing,” Huo Mian tried to console Su Yu…

The truth was, she hoped that Su Yu would let her go…

After all, only then will her heart not feel burdened anymore.

She never thought that one day she would marry Qin Chu, the man she loved since she was a young girl.

Since they were already married, she had no intention of leaving him. Forget Su Yu; even if someone even better than him appeared, Huo Mian still wouldn’t do anything about it.

Perhaps Su Yu may think she was overly indifferent, but she lived by her principles.

If something wasn’t hers, she didn’t want it. If something was hers, she would do everything to get it.

“Haha… you make it sound so easy. How can I let go? Did you think it’s as simple as going to the market? That I can buy carrots if there weren’t any cucumbers left?” Su Yu smiled bitterly…

Huo Mian fell silent…

“That’s why I’m saying that God is playing with me. If you believe in destiny, then you should know that in this life, we’re only paying back the debt we incurred in our last life. The Buddha said that people meet because they owed each other. I think… I might’ve owed you too much from my last life, and that’s why I’m doomed in this life. You exist on this world to put me in gut-wrenching pain.”

“Su Yu… the truth is… I don’t know how to say this, but I’m not someone who likes loose ends. If I don’t like you, I don’t like you. Even if I didn’t meet Qin Chu, I still wouldn’t like you. Love isn’t that simple; two people have to be attracted to each other, but I’m not attracted to you. You’re not going through what you’re going through because you met me a little later than Qin Chu did. The truth is, even if I didn’t marry Qin Chu, we still wouldn’t be together. That’s our destiny.”

Huo Mian knew how much pain she put Su Yu in every time she said ruthless things to him.

However, if she didn’t make things clear and instead spared his feelings, he would never let her go and will continue obsessing over her…

In this life, she only wanted Qin Chu to obsess over her… not anyone else…

“You damned girl… I know what you’re saying. The truth is, I don’t want you to be mine anymore. After all, compared to Qin Chu, I barely did anything for you. Sometimes I was just thinking if I would ever get the chance to take care of you, even for a day… However, I know that some things are impossible… never mind, go to bed; don’t listen to me drone on and on. Oh, and… thank you for helping me that other time, you sure are an iron-lady… you never back down when faced with danger. If you were a man, I would make you my sworn brother.”

Huo Mian smiled, but she didn’t reply. To her, the less she spoke with Su Yu, the better.

She had to take Qin Chu’s anger this time into account. After all, everyone knew how Su Yu felt about her…

Anyone would be annoyed if this happened to them; Mr. Qin was generous enough.

He already spoiled her to no end…

The next day was Saturday, so Huo Mian slept in.

During breakfast, the headlines of the newspaper once again drew her attention.

The front page of the Saturday newspaper was of Song Yishi, along with a giant photo.

The title was, “It was a Complete Misunderstanding. The Mysterious Woman is Mrs. Qin’s Close Friend.”

Huo Mian felt speechless after she read what it said.

That woman, Song Yishi, really had her ways…


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